Natural Treatments for Hypertension


There are many natural treatments available to help treat hypertension. Most people overlook these natural treatments that not only help to reduce high blood pressure, but can actually help to eliminate it, when combined with a healthy diet and exercise program. If you are already taking a high blood pressure prescription, before beginning any diet, exercise or other treatments you should notify your medical provider.

One the easiest treatments for hypertension are the use of herbal teas. More specifically green teas and oolong teas when drunk regularly can be used both as a prevention to high blood pressure and as a treatment. Drinking about a half of cup of either tea daily can help reduce the risks associated with high blood pressure by about fifty percent. Consuming more of either tea only adds additional benefits.

Green Tea

If you already have high blood pressure you should drink at least a cup of either green tea or oolong tea daily. The long term effects will gradually help to reduce your high blood pressure but it can take well over a year before the effects can be noticeable. Do not despair but stick to drinking the teas. Once the effects start to work, it is well worth the wait.


If you need to sweeten the tea, use honey rather than sugar. Natural honey has many medicinal qualities. One medicinal quality honey has is to help lower hypertension. Combining this sweetener with your green tea or oolong tea only brings additional benefits. Another additive that you may add to your tea is the herb valerian. Valerian not only acts as a natural sedative, but helps to reduce high blood pressure. You can obtain this herb from any health food or whole food store. You should only add this to your tea in the evening since it can make you sleepy.

wide Drink

Studies of different societies around the word have shown that Asian cultures have a lower prevalence of hypertension as a result of consuming green tea and oolong tea over a long period of time. Out of all beverages consumed in the world, tea is the second most widely drunk beverage.

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