Night Eating Syndrome and Pica Eating Disorders

Eating disorders should not be confused with people going on healthy diets. While certain behaviors of controlling the amount of food consumed may mirror an eating disorder, when following a prescribed diet plan, does not mean that individual has an eating disorder. There are about one million reported cases of men having eating disorders in the United States. Women on the other hand, have about ten million reported cases of eating disorders in the United States. Eating disorders have been linked to more modernized societies where advertisements picture thin, attractive models. Society has accepted these depictions as what should be normal. Most people do not feel a compulsion to conform to these standards but for those affected with eating disorders it can be a driving force to their disease.

Night eating syndrome eating disorders are where afflicted people will consume excessive amounts of food in the evening only. During the day they will starve themselves and refuse to eat anything at all. While this eating disorder is not as serious as other eating disorders it still results in unhealthy eating patterns. Causes for night eating syndrome can be attributed to insomnia as well as problems with the hypothalamus. Once these underlying problems are treated, most individuals will gradually begin to shift to start eating on a normal schedule of several meals throughout the day. However, it should be noted that there could be other causes not related to these two symptoms for people that have night eating syndrome. Other factors could include stress, feelings of guilt or insecurity when having to eat in front of others, as well as difficulties in establishing a healthy diet and eating plan.

Pica eating disorders are when people will consume items most of us should not eat or food items that have no nutritional value. They will also lick non-food items. The people afflicted with this disease will eat food. However, they will also eat things like paper, glue, chalk, lick and chew on pens or pencils, eat toilet paper, eat soap and many other dangerous products, like paint. People that have pica eating disorders oftentimes cannot distinguish between actual food and non-food items.

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