Planning Healthy Diet Dinners for Families On-The-Go

Families can be rather busy with work, school, sports and other time consuming events. It can be even more difficult to plan dinners for a healthy diet. But it is possible to plan a menu that is healthy even when there is not much time to prepare meals.

The easiest thing to do to help save time is to make a dinner base mix in advance. This base mix then can be used to prepare healthy diet meals quickly for the entire family. You should use the weekend to do your grocery shopping and prepare the base mix. The following are some examples of healthy diet dinner bases you can use for a family of four. Experiment for yourself to create meals that you can prepare quickly.

Lean Beef Base Mixture


8 Pounds of Lean Ground Beef or Beef Filets cut into 1 inch pieces
1 Medium Finely Chopped Sweet Onion
1 Large Diced Pepper
3 Stalks of Finely Chopped Celery
3 Diced Carrots

Bake, grill or broil the beef until it is fully cooked. Drain off any fat and set it aside. Place a tablespoon of olive oil into a pan. Sautee the vegetables until the onions are translucent in color. Or you may steam the vegetables instead. Mix the vegetable mixture in with the beef. Now divide the mixture into five equal portions and place into sealable containers and refrigerate three and freeze the other two. On the third day take the two containers out of the freezer and thaw in the refrigerator.

Meals You Can Prepare Using the Beef Mixture

You can use the beef mixture as a spaghetti sauce base. Use fresh tomatoes and a food processor to dice them up. Pour this in with the mixture and heat. You can add no sodium tomato paste to add thickness. Use with your favorite pasta.

You can also use this mixture to make chili. Simply add kidney beans, tomatoes, tomato juice, spices and any other ingredient. Or you can salsa or taco seasonings and reheat for quick tacos.

You can use boneless skinless chicken breast or turkey instead of the beef for more variety.

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