Preparing for Seasonal Flu

Here is a quick list of some of the most important herbal remedies to rely on to fight seasonal flu.  The most important is astragalus.  Research shows that this traditional Chinese herb is a virtual powerhouse for stimulating the immune system.  For protection against seasonal flu, begin using astragalus before seasonal flu strikes.

Astragalus stimulates the production and activity of white blood cells that fight infections.  Drink two to three cups of the tea each day or 1,500 mg. of astragalus in capsule or tablet form.  Three to five ml. of tincture of astragalus can be used instead of the tea or capsules.

Follow the usual recommendations to avoid seasonal flu by avoiding crowds and obviously sick people.  Wash your hands carefully and often.  Eat a healthy diet, drink adequate fluids and get the proper amount of rest.

What to Do if Seasonal Flu Strikes

Another less commonly known herb that fights seasonal flu is wild Mediterranean oregano oil.  Get some to have on hand if you come down with seasonal flu.  The oregano you find on your pizza and in your spice cabinet is not the same thing and does not have the antiviral and antibacterial properties of Mediterranean oregano oil.  Laboratory tests have shown that this oil is as powerful as prescription drugs in killing bacteria, viruses and fungi.

This oil should be diluted in oil or water before using as it is very strong.  Nine drops in a glass of water can be gargled and swallowed at the first sign of a sore throat or cough.  You can also use olive oil to dilute it.  One drop of oregano oil to four drops of olive oil can be swished around the mouth and then swallowed.

Echinacea tea is a well known immune stimulant to have on hand to combat seasonal flu and its’ symptoms.  Anise tea stimulates mucus secretion from the lungs and throat.  Catnip tea helps to reduce fever and digestive upsets.  Mullein is another expectorant herb that soothes sore throats.  Ephedra opens swollen bronchial passages.  Ginger soothes the throat and eases congestion.

These valuable herbs should be your home remedies against seasonal flu.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.