Preventing Anemia In Children: Be Firm!

One of the worst mistakes a parent can ever make is trying to be a friend to their children all the time and the reason that this is problematic is due to the fact that it will blur the boundaries of the relationship and therefore ultimately dilute the authority and control of the parent. Many parents will end up relinquishing both of these as they find themselves trapped in a never ending cycle of arguments and temper tantrums with their child.

These logistical problems of being a parent take on a far more urgent, and even sinister tone when they are considered in the context of the healthy development of a child. Specifically, the diet of a child will directly determine the chances of them acquiring a number of different diseases, such as anemia. Therefore, if your child is especially unruly or sullen when it comes to food, then this potentially places them at risk if you simply sidestep and abdicate responsibility of the situation.

How can I convince my child of the need to eat a diet to prevent against anemia?

First off, it maybe better to begin by listening to the complaints of your child, and take them on board as constructive feedback. If your child is unhappy with a  particular meal type, or the inclusion of a particular vegetable, then provide your child with the option of making the food by themselves. Children love to be provided with responsibility, as well as the acknowledgement of their skills and abilities and so being entrusted to cook a meal (under supervision!) can be very flattering for them….and very productive for you.

By delegating responsibility to your child for the preparation of their meals to ensure that they get sufficient levels of iron in their diet, this means that the child will be far more likely to actually eat the food prepared. Why? Because they have a personal stake in it. After all, they went to all that time and effort to actually prepare the meal, so why would they not want to try the fruits of their efforts?

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