Preventing Herpes Outbreak with Herbal Remedies

The best way to get relief from a herpes outbreak is by trying to prevent it altogether.  You can do this by paying special attention to these two things: reducing stress and boosting your immunity. More stress can lead to a weaker immune system, and if you have the herpes virus then it can lead to an outbreak of the painful sores.


If you are feeling stressed out, then you need to take measures necessary to help lower it.  Go for a walk, curl up with a good book for twenty minutes, take a nap, get a massage, or try doing some yoga to help lower your stress.  Also try getting up about one half hour earlier, so you can sit and sip your coffee instead of rushing around to start off your day.


When people get stressed they usually ingest a higher amount of sugary snacks, greasy fatty foods, caffeine and sugary drinks and make bad food choices.  You can help manage stress by adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet and decrease sugars and fat.  Remember a lot of stress normally leads to a weakened immune system, and in turn a herpes outbreak.  The more activities you can do for yourself to help lower your stress, the less chances you have for an outbreak to occur.


You can give your immune system a boost by using an herb called pau d’ arco.  This is an herb that originates from South America, and contains several quinine compounds.  Quinine is a common ingredient in tonic water.  Pau d’ arco works well for bacterial and viral infections, and is one of the best known herbs of the Amazon rain forest.

Pau d’ arco

You can find this herb at your local health food store.  It usually comes in the form of supplements or pills, liquid tinctures, and sometimes in tea.  Follow label recommendations on how much to take.  If you use the liquid tincture it is best to mix a few drops with water and a squeeze of natural lemon juice.  This helps to properly absorb tannins through the colon so you get all the good benefits your body needs to help prevent a herpes outbreak.

lemon juice

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