Preventive Measures for Your Feet during Diabetes

When you have diabetes, the infection in your leg takes a lot of time to heal owing to the poor flow of blood. This infection is known as peripheral vascular disease. The problem in your foot could begin with a very small blister on your foot which would eventually lead to amputation owing to diabetes. You can avoid this by using some well known methods of foot care.

Feet Care during Diabetes

When you have diabetes, you should examine the condition of your foot every single day. You should always wash your feet using luke warm water. Thereafter, you must dry it thoroughly, even between the toes, using a towel. If you are diabetic, you should keep the nails of your foot trimmed and file the sharp edges. You should wear clean as well as comfortable shoes with socks. Before wearing your shoes you should always check to see if there are any sharp objects in it.

Preventive Measures

If you are diabetic and have a habit of smoking then you ought to try and quit smoking because smoking restricts the flow of blood to your feet. Also get a health check up done on a regular basis. When you have diabetes you should monitor your glucose level and always inspect and see if your leg is completely clean or not. Wear proper and adequate foot wear.

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Getting Your Feet Examined

Once your foot problem has been diagnosed, you should get a foot examination done by a podiatrist. The podiatrist will look for some sensitive points in the sides of your foot and will also check to see if there is fungus in your toenails. The podiatrist will also guide you to examine your foot on a regular basis with a mirror. The podiatrist may prescribe a “Diabetic Shoe” if it is needed.

It is essential to relieve the pressure in your foot when you have diabetes, because you are likely to encounter numbness in your foot otherwise. You must take adequate foot care at this stage by consulting a podiatrist , in order to avoid an infection like gangrene. Gangrene could turn severe and result in the loss of your foot.


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