Prickly Heat Rash Homemade Remedies

Prickly heat rash is self-healing usually within seven days but during that time the red rash that consists of tiny blisters can be very uncomfortable. That is why the tiny red blisters are referred to as prickly. It is itchy. Here are natural homemade remedies that can help you get through the itchy time. These remedies also work well for infants and toddlers who get prickly heat rash more than adults.

Prickly Heat Rash

Take the inside of a watermelon and blend it up. Apply the blended watermelon to the affected areas. This remedy will cool the body down and provide relief for the prickly rash. Do not throw the rind away from the watermelon. Place the inner side of the rind on your prickly rash for even more relief from itching.


Equal parts of cornstarch, flour and water makes a paste to apply to affected skin. Let the paste dry then take a cool bath.

Combine equal parts of Camphor and neem oil. Mix together and pat oil onto affected areas. Keep oil on the body thirty minutes then take a cool bath.

neem oil

Ice cubes can be used on prickly heat rash. Cold cubes reduce inflation and help heal blisters.

Aloe Vera gel applied to the prickly rash helps cool that itchy situation.

Aloe Vera gel

Here are some powders that you can dust yourself or your child with after a bath or shower. Dust affective areas with baking soda. This method is especially good for children. Make powder from sandalwood. Dust all areas. Talcum powder helps absorb extra moisture from the body.

Some beverages assist in calming that itchy, prickly feeling. Lemonade or limeade is proven to calm the itches. You might want three to four glasses a day.


Sugarcane juice is well known to have cooling properties for the human body. Drink at least one glass a day.

Amla or gooseberry treatment relieves the feverish-type heat from your body. Take an earthen pot and add one to two quarts of water. Clean fifteen to twenty gooseberries and put them in the water. Cover the pot and let it sit overnight. In the morning, mash the gooseberries in the water. Strain. Add sugar and drink.


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