Purging and Rumination Eating Disorders

Purging and Rumination Eating Disorders

Eating disorders affect over eleven million people in the United States alone. The majority of people that have an eating disorder are women. Approximately ninety percent of all cases are women. Men have a lower prevalence of eating disorders with only about ten percent of reported cases. People with eating disorders should not be made fun of as they have a serious illness. With proper health care treatment they can overcome eating disorders and begin to eat normally.

Purging eating disorders do not involve binge eating. Individuals that binge, then purge are classified as having bulimia. People with this disorder will consume regular sized meal portions. However, they feel guilty for eating as they fear gaining weight, especially if they ate something high in sugar or fat. They will resort to methods of removing the food consumed from the body. This could involve self-induced vomiting, the excessive use of laxatives to make food pass through the body faster, or exercising for longer periods of time. The primary reason a person will purge is in order to maintain their current weight or body shape. Purging methods can cause serious medical problems such as stomach acids eating away at the esophagus and intestinal problems from taking too many laxatives.

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Rumination eating disorders are when people will regurgitate the food they have just eaten. People afflicted with this disease can force food back up out of their stomachs without self-induced vomiting. Once the food is in their mouth they will chew on it and re-swallow it. Sometimes they will even spit it out after re-chewing it. The reason people do this is because they still feel hungry and instead of eating more food, they will re-consume the food they have already eaten. They are attempting to fool their bodies and stomachs to achieve a full feeling without consuming any more food. Long term repeated rumination of food can cause problem in the esophagus and with the stomach valve that prevent acids from escaping the stomach. The valve can get to the point where it will no longer close completely which can lead to GERD as well as acids eating away at the esophagus.


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