Regaining Libido In Women Naturally

Libido or Sexual desire is the desire to have sex with your partner in plain and simple language. Many women suffer from lack of sexual desire in their life and the reason could be from psychological factor to physical factor .

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However finding the correct reason for the loss of libido is foremost and then only we can head in correct direction of improving it by taking corrective measures.

Regaining the desire to have sex has direct connection with your brain, not with your sexual organs like breast or vagina or any other. We might think that we have small breasts that are why libido is less then that is not the case, because sex is something related to your mindset not sexual organs.

So first and foremost thing which you need to keep in mind that before having sex your brain should be relaxed and stress free . Your lifestyle might be the other factor influencing the sexual desire. Relaxing and relieving from stress also helps because stress is a major influence on sexual drive. Ginseng helps in reducing stress. A regular exercise regime or a short walk everyday might help. Smoking and drinking also contribute towards lowering sexual desire with age.

Women post partum also experience loss in sexual desire, but it regains after few weeks or it might take months. Lower levels of testosterone also result in loss of desire to have sex and fatigue in women after menopause. Removal of ovaries also leads to reduction of sex drive in women. Women who over exhert themselves or over exercise also suffer from decrease in sex drive.

There are many ways to regain the libido in women. By proper use of herbs under consultation of doctor you can regain your libido. Herbs like tongkat Ali  ( also known as eurycoma longjack) , maca extract , mucuna prureins and  horny goat weed works well on women with loss of sexual desire . Testosterone therapy helps in regaining sexual desire in women.

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Vaginal dryness might also lead to loss in sex drive, herbal pills help you in  getting over all the problems related to libido like menopausal symptoms, hot flashes vaginal etching or dryness of vagina. They are a mix of herbs and some natural ingredients which increase blood flow to the clitoris , balancing the level of sex hormones in your body and boost your desire for having sex.

These herb sex pills contain proper proportion of vitamins and minerals along with herbs like Ginkgo biloba, hops extract, licorice root, ginger root etc. After menopause women generally suffer from vaginal dryness and itchy vaginal walls. Due to low level of sex hormone estrogen herbal pills boost the production of estrogen in your body and thus boosting the sex drive.

They also cure you from vaginal dryness as they start increase the production of estrogen thus increasing vaginal lubrication naturally. Thus there is no need to undergo Hormone replacement therapy, which might have side effects.

Herb sex pills increase the level of nitric oxide in your body. Nitric oxide is helpful in relaxing the muscles by dilating the blood vessels. Testosterone production is very low in women so they have lesser sexual appetite than men. But herbs like tribulus are strong sex drive stimulators as they increase the level of testosterone in women. Shatavri is also supposed to be an excellent herb which increases the level of testosterone in women.

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