Revealing the truth about treatment of acne

It would seem that because acne is merely a cosmetic issue and does not directly threaten the life or overall wellbeing of the victim, then the issue of treatment of acne    is one that can be dropped to the bottom of the priority list and not given a second thought. However, it is important that we never underestimate the severity or effect that acne can and does have on the victim, as in severe cases it can then lead onto depression, self-harm and permanent scarring.

One of the most difficult things about the effective treatment of acne    is that there is a great deal of misinformation and erroneous belief masquerading as truth and so trying to actually raise awareness about acne can be a rather tough ordeal to overcome indeed. The purpose of this article is to provide a brief Q and A session so as to directly address some of these issues as and when they arise.

How relevant is diet in the treatment of acne  ?

First off, the simple truth that you do not get acne from eating too much candy, sugar or chocolate. Whilst eating junk food is not especially advisable or recommended, in of itself, it will not directly cause acne.

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However, the food that we eat can and does have a direct and causal effect on the manner in which our body works, and specifically, the hormones that are produced. Therefore, by being aware of the foods that can cause a trigger of these hormones can then ensure that we have more control over the condition itself.

I heard that stress can cause acne. Is this true?

In short, yes. Specifically, whenever a person is stressed, this causes the “adrenal glands” which are directly situated slightly above the kidneys will be compelled to produce a higher volume of adrenal cortex secretions. The effect of these secretions is that they will then trigger the sebaceous glands to work harder therefore producing a higher level and dosage sebum.  Scientific studies have identified that sebum is the catalyst for the very formation of acne, and so at the end of this somewhat protracted chain is this.

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