4 Natural Remedies To Acne

Natural Remedies For Acne

Natural Remedies To Acne

The present age is such that people seem inclined towards all things that give the message – Go Green! This is reflected in all aspects, from diet to beauty. In case you are wondering how beauty and green are related, read on. Skin care and beauty treatments are a huge concern for most women.In fact, with choc a bloc schedules and a life akin to a rat race, it is natural for the face to show all the stress and strain. Acne is one such reflection of how little time we spend on maintaining our skin and faces. In case you do not want that acne to ruin your conference or your all important weekend date, go green and all natural with the acne cure treatments!

With the list of natural acne remedies best defined as inexhaustible, you can pick and choose from a huge number and range of cures. All these give the best possible results within a short span of time. These natural remedies have been tried and tested not only over the years, but also over generations. Remember those grandma specialties which would come to the rescue on several occasions? The acne remedies that are natural are older than our grand moms as well.As a contrast to the various creams and synthetic cosmetic cures, the natural remedies for acne have no side effects. This saves you the risks of having an ugly rash on your face. Depending on your skin type and your lifestyle you can take your pick on which remedy to select for yourself. Here is a brief look into the top seven natural acne remedies that you could use to erase away the acne staring back at you from the mirror. Remember these score way above the treatments for acne you get on the market shelves.

Remedies Unraveled

Aloe Vera

The top remedy you could try is aloe vera juice. You might have seen these plants a million times without realizing how precious they are. The juice that oozes from the leaves of the aloe vera is a wonder potion that rids your face off the ugly acne. There remain the least chances of scars and marks developing. The juice can be safely applied to the areas where acne has broken out. Aloe vera juice suits those with oily skin the best. However, this does not mean that dry or combination skin is allergic to it. Try this to get fast results for curing acne.

Rose Water

Roses might have become your favorite flower since your teenage, but did you ever think that the rose water could be your best friend as well. It could wipe off all the acne that has appeared on your face! Rose water can work wonders for your skin. Use it with anything, from sandal paste to Fuller’s earth and see how your acne disappears as fast as they appeared. You may dab some rose water with camphor powder dissolved, on your acne affected areas as well.


Salads are a great way to have a glowing skin and healthy body. When it comes to salads, cucumbers form a common ingredient. The very same cucumber can be a great way to cure acne the natural way. Wondering how? Simply crush some cucumber pieces and apply directly on allay the areas of the face where there has been an acne outbreak. Wash off after 20 minutes or so. Try this remedy for few days continually. The results are sure to take you by surprise and leave you all smiles.

Another favorite that has been a top ranking natural remedy for acne is the paste of neem leaves. Neem is one tree that has a variety of benefits. This is just one. Simply dry some neem leaves and make a fine powder. Convert this into a smooth paste by mixing with water. Apply this paste on you face over the acne affected parts. A wonderful option for those with oily skin indeed!

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You must have always thought that spices served no purpose excepting for adding flavor to the tasty dishes. You could never be more wrong! Acne is best treated with the use of spices like cumin and garlic. Grind either of these spices into a fine paste and apply on the acne affected areas of your face. Carry this out for a week or so. Your acne will vanish as though it never made an appearance.Fruits like orange can come to the rescue if you are too irritated with the acne. Try grinding the orange peel and making a paste with water. Continued application on the acne is sure to make you forget all about acne. Even lemon juice and pomegranate are superb and effective options for curing the acne problem which is a mood wrecker. Of course, you are advised to include a lot of fresh fruits in your daily diet as well. A great diet leads to acne less face. This has been scientifically proven.

A very effective face pack that is a great natural remedy for acne combines apple, cucumber, honey and curd. Mixing all these and applying on the acne prone or affected facial parts is sure to leave you beaming. Remember that these treatments are not jet fast but show results gradually. The biggest point about natural acne treatments is that they need to be used periodically and on a pretty regular basis. Take time out of your busy life and spend an hour on your self. These natural remedies shall make your skin glowing like those of the models smiling down from the highway hoardings.

The Remedies Are Not Typical Cosmetic Cures

The natural acne remedies are effective as much as they are inexpensive. You shall find most of the ingredients used in these seven top acne remedies right in your refrigerator or kitchen cabinet. You may have spent huge amounts on branded creams and tonics. Why not try these remedies and see for yourself? After all, there seems nothing that you could end up losing. In fact, natural acne remedies could lead you to gain a glowing face that leads to envious compliments and heads that turn!


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.