Should I have an Allergy Test Done?

If you are one of the many people that suffer from allergies, then you know that not knowing what is causing them is as bad, if not worse, then the actual symptoms. You can sometimes narrow the causes down to a few possible options, but you will never truly know the real harmful allergens until you have an allergy test performed.

Allergy testing is the only proven way to decipher what allergens are more harmful to your body. Each person will have a different sensitivity to each allergen, so using allergy testing you will be able to stay away from your enemies. Allergy tests involve either a skin or blood test to determine which substance brings on an allergic reaction and to what extent.

In a skin allergy test a small amount of the possible harmful substance is placed on top of or under the skin. In some cases the allergen is placed onto the skin as a small drop and seeped into the skin through small needle holes. Other times, the allergen is injected into the skin through a needle. In both of these skin allergy tests, if you are allergic to the substance you will have a red, raised welt in the area it was placed. The size of the welt is relative to the severity of your allergy. These welts will be itchy and look somewhat like a mosquito bite.  Although it will be tempting, do not scratch the welts.  This could cause a severe irritation and slow the healing time.

Having a blood allergy test is not as sensitive as skin allergy test and sometimes miss the culprits. The blood allergy test basically measures the amount of certain antibodies in your bloodstream to see which allergens they fight off. It is sure to miss some, but for people with only minor allergy problems it is a good choice.

Getting an allergy test done is a great way to help rid yourself of the misery involved with allergies. Once you know what substances you are more sensitive to you can try to avoid them if at all possible. You may also be prescribed a stronger antihistamine if you have severe allergies and in some cases even weekly allergy shots. So having an allergy test done will bring you one step closer to being allergy free.

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