Should I have surgery for arthritis pain of the ankle?

arthritis pain of the ankle is one of the worst and most painful places to contract the disease and the reason for this is that the ankle is the primary weight bearing joint of the body and so every time we take a step, we are placing 8 times our own body weight directly through the ankle joint. When our ankle joint suffers arthritis pain, even the tiniest amount of pressure or strain is of itself, sufficient to cause unbearable pain for the sufferer.

Physicians will typically recommend that people who suffer from arthritis pain of the ankle try and live with the chronic pain by conventional means such as walking aids such as orthotic splints, special insoles which will ensure that the gait is corrected, as well as walking sticks and crutches. Painkillers, which are typically codeine based will be prescribed to help fend off the worst effects of the arthritis pain, and anti-inflammatory medication is used to help counter the muscle cramps and stiffness that the joint will endure as a result of the condition.

Unfortunately, by virtue of the fact that the ankle joint (or talus to use the medical term) happens to be a weight bearing joint that is routinely exposed to large amounts of weight and pressure, this means that the range of effective treatment options to deal with the arthritis pain is limited. Furthermore, there is no such thing as a cure for arthritis pain, and so the sufferer will only be able to enjoy a brief reprieve from their symptoms as opposed to a total elimination of it.

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Surgical intervention is always an option for arthritis pain, but it is crucial that the patient has realistic expectations concerning the surgery.

Should I have ankle surgery?

Only you can make this judgment call, and only you can determine whether the severity and intensity of the arthritis pain is enough to merit an operation or not.
What are the risks?

The risks of ankle surgery for the treatment of arthritis pain of the ankle will depend on a number of factors, such as the age of the patient, and the nature and extent of the arthritis.

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