6 Causes For You To Get Migraine


Headaches are quite common for all of us, due to some specific reasons like being tired, lack of sleep, stress and anxiety. If you can get relief from headache by applying pain balms or by relaxing for some time, then you need not worry about it. However, if the headache is causing inflammatory pain starting from one side of your brain affecting the nervous system there,  then you might be affected with migraine.

Most importantly, symptoms of nausea and vomiting can make a person feel inactive and sick.Do you know that Napolean bonaparti also suffered from migraine. The scriptures about migraine existed since the time of Babylonians. According to an estimate one out of seven adults in United Kingdom is affected by migraine.It can attack a person any time either during day or night. However, the sensation can be felt while migraine is about to begin.  In majority of the instances, migraine starts from the area located behind the eye. Some times, migraine headache can last from one hour to three days or more if the case is severe.

Status Migrainosus And Chronic Migraine:

In general migraine headache originates on one side of the patient’s head and the pain may be worsened making you inactive suddenly. The headache of migraine does not go away by itself for few cases and such pain will also persist for seventy two hours. This kind of migraine is termed as status migrainosus. On the other hand, if you happen to get migraine frequently for more than fifteen days in a month, such migraine is referred to as chronic migraine.

Blood Vessels Being Enlarged:

Migraine is a pulsating headache caused by enlargement of blood vessels which is scientifically known as vasodilatation. When blood vessels get enlarged chemicals will be released from the nerves fiber that acts as coil around the large arteries in the brain. With this the temple area of the head will have a throbbing pain. The severe headache through migraine also affects the quality life of a human being.

First Degree Migraine:

Those who have the symptoms of migraine are referred to as migraineurs. It is estimated that about 70% of the migraineurs have first degree migraine from parents, or siblings. It is advisable for an individual with migraine to monitor his/ her life style.

Primary Headache And Secondary Headache:

The two broad categories of headaches are primary headache and secondary headache.
When headaches are caused not because of internal organisms of the body, bacteria or viruses, then such type of headaches are termed as primary headaches. On the other hand, when headaches occur just because of the internal structural system of the body, we call such types of headaches as secondary headaches.

Many scientific researches are also taking place to explore the reasons for a person to get migraine. Nevertheless, it is difficult to study the causes of headaches owing to the fact that headaches might occur very rarely because of infections and diseases. The major cases of headaches occur when the internal protective system of the body is exposed to out side stressful environment.

Migraine Causes:

Strong Odor:

Strong Odor

Concentrated odors of perfumes, paints, chemicals and flowers may trigger one to get severe headache and nausea symptoms. So, people with migraine are not advisable to use perfumes very often. Even if they have to apply a perfume, it is recommended that they use perfumes with less content of chemicals without which you may get the symptoms of migraine.

Temperature Changes:

Temperature Changes

For instance chill weather in winter or heat waves during summer will trigger headache having severe pain. Hence, people with migraine should take the necessary precautionary measures according to the type of the season and make them protected from migraine.During summer, applying ice pack or a cold cloth on head, neck and back can give great relief from migraine. Similarly, during winter, massage can be done with a dry cloth soaked in hot water or with a hand towel heated in a microwave at 10 degrees.



When a person is prone to continuous stress and strain, the nervous system in the head will be pressurized more with which any body can get migraine. So, the best way to avoid stress is managing your time to accomplish different activities and making your self cool and relaxed.



There is no age limit for any body to become alcoholic and do you know that being alcoholic can also become one of the many reasons for being attacked migraine.

Preservative Food:

Preservative Food

Foods having preservatives some times cause inflammation in the stomach and this burning pain can also pass to the head making you to get migraine.

Starvation Or Skipping Meals:

Starvation Or Skipping Meals

The habit of not eating food for many hours can make your digestion system worsen. When prolonged, such a situation will trigger pulsating headache or called as migraine in other words. There fore, always keep your stomach filled with nutritious food in time.

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