Skin Care With Red Sandal Wood Paste

Skin Care

Red sandal wood powder is the most significant benefit to your skin, hair and feet and its application to the face can make you to get a shining and gorgeous skin. Many of the skin ailments such as rashes due to sun heat, bites of bugs and infections can be treated with sandal wood powder or its paste preferably those made with olive oil or coconut oil or rose wood oil.  Some times, coconut milk  or  cow milk can also be used while preparing sandal wood paste.

However, the choice of the oil or milk to be mixed depends solely upon the type of   your skin. The innumerable anti microbial properties of red sandal wood have got an undivided attention from a huge percent age of ayurvedic physicians for curing certain bodily ailments.Here we have a list of various combinations of sandal wood paste and their effectiveness  in curing  various skin conditions.

Cool Touch Of The Sandal Wood Paste

Cool Touch Of The Sandal Wood Paste

Red Sandal wood paste prepared with water  gives a healing effect from common symptoms like fevers, headaches, migraines etc; when applied on the fore head. So, as a first aid, it is better to keep at least a small tin of sandal wood powder or pieces of sandal wood with you.

Red Sandal Wood For Massage

Red Sandal Wood

Red sandal wood is also used for body massage due to its cooling effect on the body.  Many of the cosmetics manufacturers are using red sandal wood as an ingredient to prepare perfumes, face washes, beauty creams and so on.

Red Sandalwood And Milk Paste For Dry Skin

Red Sandalwood And Milk

Dryness of your skin and skin inflammations can be cured better when red sandal wood paste prepared with milk is applied on the face or on any other affected area in your body.Flaky skin on hands and feet, other skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis can also be treated for getting immediate relief,  though some times they may need urgent medical attention.

Smooth Complexion By Adding Turmeric To Red Sandal Wood Paste

Turmeric To Red Sandal Wood Paste

If your skin is hard and rough,  apply red sandal wood powder or sandal soap or sandal paste to nourish your skin. Skin problems such as acne, black heads, pimples etc ; can be reduced by applying a mixture of sandal wood powder and turmeric.  Better results can be seen when this mixture is kept on your face overnight. Always, it is recommended to rinse off the paste with only warm water.

Removes Sun Tan By Toner

Removes Sun Tan By Toner

Toner it is a mixture of sandal wood powder with coconut oil and almond oil. Whenever you are exposed to sun, your skin will become dark black  in color which is even difficult to rub off with soap. The best way to remove sun tan is by applying toner on the affected areas of your skin to make it look as fresh as ever.

Red Sandal Wood And Papaya

Red Sandal Wood And Papaya

Peal off  papaya and chop it in to small pieces. Mash the pieces and mix them with red sandal wood powder. This paste is a good alternative for facial.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.