Sensitive Skin Care

Sensitive Skin Care

Sensitive Skin care is all about identifying the objects to which skin is sensitive and protecting skin from those objects. For right sensitive skin care, you should have right kind of skin care products.

Sensitive skin is one which has low tolerance level to some environmental factors and some products. Sensitive skin may react to heat, wind or chemicals. There is different reaction to same object by different people. Some people show only mild reaction and other people with sensitive skin react severely. Sensitive skin show severe adverse skin activity to some irritants. Some of the common irritants are wind, rain, chemicals, harsh detergents or heat.

Eczema and atopic dermatitis are the clinical terms for sensitive skin. Dry skin and sensitive skin is correlated. Any skin can be sensitive skin but skins having thin and fine texture are more prone to sensitivity.

Some common Reactions of Sensitive Skin:

You may have sensitive skin if you any of the following signs and symptoms as reaction to some irritant. Sometimes signs are very superficial, mild and temporary; they disappear when you remove away the irritant. But sometimes, these symptoms are skin deep and take the form of allergy or hives and may take longer to disappear.

Skin feels dry and itchy

There is blotchiness or redness on skin

Appearance of rashes and irritation

Fine lines or cracks

Appearance of Flakes

Some common Irritants for Sensitive Skin

 Rashes and reddening of skin due to cold, heat or wind

Reaction to some detergent, chemical, cosmetic, skin care product or perfume

Skin sometimes overreact to some activity like cleansing, shaving or waxing

Reacting to some fabric like wool or synthetic fiber

High level of stress too aggravate this condition

Certain medications, alcohol or preservatives too heighten the skin sensitivity

Chlorine in swimming pools, Jacuzzis, hot showers and saunas can increase the skin sensitivity.

What Should Be Right Sensitive Skin Care?

To have right sensitive skin care is a quite tricky issue. It takes more than just having right skin care product. For sensitive skin, you need to identify the irritant causing those symptoms and it is always not possible to shun that object because of the environmental factors we are facing. To care for sensitive skin, you should have a positive approach by taking basic care of skin right from the beginning when you do not have any of the even mildest symptoms. In many cases of sensitive skin, most of the skin care products do not always give positive results.

For Sensitive Skin care, go natural:

 For sensitive skin care, opt for skin care products having natural ingredients. Most of the products in their natural form are less likely to be irritating for the sensitive skin. Let’s take a view of some natural ways to deal with sensitive skin.

Take Care Of food you eat:

 People with sensitive skin should take care of what they are eating. Take healthy diet so that your body becomes healthy enough to resist the external changes. Another aspect is sensitive skin may react to certain food products you consume, so identify those foods that trigger reaction and avoid them. Especially be careful with hot and spicy foods which can trigger reaction for the sensitive skin.

Keep your skin healthy and hydrated by drinking lots of water and fluid and eating a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables. A healthy and hydrated skin can combat bravely with various skin irritants.

Useful tips For Sensitive Skin:

 Avoid the objects and factors which irritate your skin

Moisturising on regular basis is very important to care for sensitive skin. After applying makeup, keep spraying mist of toner to keep the face moist.

While working with chemicals, detergents and cleansing agents, wear rubber gloves.

Limit sun exposure by staying inside and when go out wear sun protecting clothing like full sleeves shirt, pants and wide–brimmed hats

Avoid synthetic and woollen clothes and wear cotton clothes as they are natural and do not cause irritation

Avoid activities which involve lots of heat and perspiration

Use skin care products specially manufactured for sensitive skin

Avoid frequent bathing and hot water rather use lukewarm water

Reduce unnecessary stress in your life

Do not use harsh soaps to bathe and wash

Do not smoke and avoid alcohol .

Do not rub or scratch your skin it can lead to breakouts .

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