Some basic facts of acne

Without a shadow of doubt, acne happens to be one of the worst understood health conditions and the lack of knowledge and awareness concerning it is nothing short of alarming.  In the immortal words of the ancient Chinese strategist and martial artist, Sun Tzu:

“Know thy enemy.”

It is only by being familiar with acne, and its causes that we can hope to ensure that we not only make it keep the symptoms under control but ultimately, stop them from even manifesting themselves in the first instance. Without further ado, the following is an overview some of the most pertinent information about acne that you will no doubt encounter.

What is acne?

Although diet can and stress, as well as prescription medication can all increase the chances of a person acquiring acne, the simple truth is that all of these risk factors will simply exacerbate the underlying, root cause of the condition: the hormones of the body. These hormones will cause an increase in the amount of oil that is generated by the oil glands located around the skin of the body. As the oil production is stepped up, this causes the pores of the skin to become clogged thereby making it much more difficult for the skin to breathe.

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Is acne serious?

Unfortunately, this is somewhat of a subjective question and so a universal definition in this regard is not easy to achieve. However, there can be no denying that there is a strong, causal link between acne and depression. In addition, people with especially extensive and severe acne are at an increased risk of acquiring permanent scarring in the near future as a result of the acne.

Whether the acne is by itself, or actually results in the full scale scarring as alluded to earlier in the article, the simple truth is that this can have a majorly detrimental effect on the emotional robustness and wellbeing of the sufferer.

What can aggravate the condition?

There are a number of things that can increase the risk of acne developing not to mention making it worse. Excessive touching and scratching of the afflicted skin is certainly one!

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