4 Best Exercises For Tightening The Face Muscles

Exercises For Tightening The Face Muscles

Who doesn’t want to look younger? There is no such lady who will want that age should reflect from her face or she should look older than what her age is. So, if you want to keep your face muscles tight and tinned up then you should do some facial exercises regularly. You should add them in your routine. Today, exercises of faceare gaining popularity among numerous beauty experts.

But before starting doing exercises, you should know the proper method of how to do them, as exercises should always be done in a proper manner. Facial exercises are being preferred more than the cosmetic surgery as this is the natural way with the help of which you can tighten your facial muscles.

So let’s discuss how the exercises should be done step by step.

Best Exercises for Tightening the Face Muscles

First Start from Eyes

First Start from Eyes

Area near the eyes is the most important area of your face which needs relaxation. Tired eyes decrease the radiance of your face. So exercise is must. Below are mentioned some exercises for your eyes:

1. Firmly, close the eyes. Now place your thumb at the eye’s outermost corner & pull gently the skin on the way to temples.

2. Close the eyes firmly and then keep your forefingers flat below the eyebrows & stretch your skin in an upward direction.

3. Now open your eyes and raise the eyebrows while closing the eyes, half. Remain in that position for few seconds and then open the eyes widely up to the maximum level you can. Remain in that position for few seconds.

4. Keep your head still and look up & down and left & right.

Facial Exercises for Throat

Facial Exercises For Throat

A throat full of wrinkles looks so ugly. So, to clear those wrinkles follow the below exercises:

1. Hold the chin’s underside with the palm opened. Bend your neck backwards and bend it until the skin of the throat is stretched to its maximum.

2. Remaining in the above position, now move your palm to the throat’s bottom part and stretch your skin in a downward direction.

Facial Exercises for Lips

Facial Exercises for Lips

Below are mentioned some of the useful exercises for lips:

1. Firmly, bring both the lips together. Now bring them towards the nose. Stay in that position for few seconds & relax.

2. While pressing the teeth and keeping the lips together, smile or stretch your lips widely to your maximum. Hold you smile & then release.

3. Contract your lips or keep them in a kissing position for few seconds and then release.

4. Pucker the lips and try touching the nose with your upper-lip & the chin with your lower lip.

Facial Exercises for Cheeks

Facial Exercises for Cheeks

The size and shape of the cheeks is the most annoying and common things which is found in almost all of us. Those who are having chubby cheeks, wants that cheek fat be reduced. Some helpful exercises for reducing cheek fat are:

1. Close your lips. Suck inside your cheeks. Hold & release. Now suck the cheeks one by one and continue this exercise.

2. Close the mouth. Fill it with the air. Then, for few seconds, hold the air under the upper-lip, move the air to right-cheek and then hold, then move to left-cheek and hold and then under lower-lip and hold and lastly blow it out.


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