Some issues to consider when dealing with acne scars

Acne can be an especially cruel health complaint indeed, directly affecting the confidence, self-esteem, happiness, mental well being and quality of life for the victim. In many cases,  people who suffer from severe acne will simply shun company and will instead remain by themselves rather than risk the possibility of censure and rebuke from their peers.

Another concern is the potential physical ramifications that can and will arise with acne, and specifically, there is always the risk of acne scars arising from the acne. The purpose of this article is designed to consider some of the common issues and questions raised in regards to acne scars, in the hope that this will educate the acne sufferer more fully, and allow them to make a better and more informed decision.

Should I have treatment to treat my acne scars?

Unfortunately, although a dermatologist can certainly explain to you the various benefits and side effects as well as consequences that can and may arise if you were to have some sort of treatment to deal with your acne scars, this is only a decision that you personally can make.

You will need to consider just how much the acne scars affect your quality of life and your confidence, as well as the manner in which you perceive yourself. If you happy with them, then it is probably advisable that you do not undergo the potentially risky and costly treatment. If it is of concern, then the treatment maybe of benefit.

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I still have acne. Will the dermatologist still be able to treat my acne scars?

In the interests of your safety as well as maximizing the ultimate effectiveness of the procedure, it is standard operating procedure within the dermatology sector for the dermatologist to wait until the patient has the acne under control before attempting to deal with the acne scars. The reason for this is that the development of further acne will simply cause additional acne scars thereby delaying and worsening your current condition. The dermatologist will therefore try and get the issue under control first, with medication.

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