Symptoms And Precautions Of Sunstroke

Sunstroke also called as heat stroke is a symptom in which the heat regulating system of the body does not function properly when an individual gets exposed to extreme temperatures. Sunstroke occurs when the human body cannot get rid of excess heat due to either tiredness or excess temperatures.


Many may doubt as to who can get sunstroke and the answer to this question says that anybody can get sunstroke, though some people are more prone to be attacked by it and this segment comprises of children, diabetics, elderly people, alcoholics and those who are sensitive to the sun heat.You may be surprised if I say that persons at times are susceptible to sunstroke due to certain medications also.

Possible Symptoms Of Sunstroke

Raising body temperature, severe headache, nausea, rapid heartbeat, skin becoming dry and dehydration are the common symptoms of sunstroke. However, if sunstroke is not treated at the earliest,  the patient may be susceptible to cramps in the body, mental confusion, coma and hyper ventilation. Eventually the organs in the body may also be damaged if sunstroke is not diagnosed in its initial stage. Therefore, the moment the signs of sunstroke are observed in a person, immediately he or she should be taken to the doctor for the first treatment.


Body Being Over Heated Due To Sunstroke

When your body is exposed very much to the sun, then you can be affected by sunstroke and with this the brain fails to control the process of cooling the body.

Over Heating in sun

Brain Cannot Fight To Regulate The Body Due To Sunstroke

Individuals attacked by sunstroke tend to lose their consciousness with this symptom. The victim of sunstroke can also go in to a confused state of mind and the patient’s speech may also become slurred. Such symptoms can trigger hallucinations and lack of mental alertness for the patient.


Quick Breathing And Body Aches Due To Sunstroke

Yet other symptoms of sunstroke are fast breathing, muscle pain and headache in the patient’s body. Dry skin and pulse becoming very rapid are some other symptoms of sunstroke.Precautions to be taken for avoiding being attacked by sunstroke are the following.

body ache

Do Not Spend Longer Hours  Of  Time In The Sun

Spending much of your physical energy for extended hours in the sun heat may cause sunstroke, affecting the human body.

sitting in sun

Drink Plenty Of Water

Make it sure that you drink a lot of water on sunny days though you are not thirsty,  because it aids your body to stay cooler for a longer period of time. So, consume water in short intervals of time to protect yourself from sunstroke. It is safe to drink cold water and stay indoors during summer.

drink water

Wear Loose And Light Colored Clothing

When staying indoors is impossible for reasons like your job or education etc., prefer to wear light weight and light colored garments during summer season and also ensure that you wear a wide brimmed hat while going out.

loose clothing

Cool Your Home

Those staying indoors are also prone to get sunstroke, if they do not cool their homes when the sun heat waves are severe from the noon to evening. Hence, it is recommended to shut the doors on the east side in the morning and on the west side in the evening. Air conditioning your home, usage of cooling mats on the windows and taking cool bath twice in a day are the most used ways to protect yourself  from sunstroke.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.