Symptoms Of An Enlarged Heart

HeartEnlarged heart is a condition in which it has thicker walls or is over-stretched and has dilated chambers compared to the regular one. These two conditions are intense enough to affect the pumping capacity of the heart. This enlargement of heart may also lead to heart failure in the near future.

However, the problem of enlarged heart is mostly encountered by people suffering from high blood pressure and chronic alcoholics. There are instances when we are not able to recognize the symptoms of the ailment and carry to an extreme level when cure become very difficult.

It is always better to be aware about the symptoms of enlarged heart. You should take care of your health and see your doctor as soon as identify the symptoms. Below I will try to make you aware about the recognizable symptoms of an enlarged heart. The symptoms are :

Various Symptoms Of An Enlarged Heart

Shortness Of Breath

Due to enlargement of heart the pumping capacity gets effected. This pushes back the fluid into the lungs, which interferes with the normal breathing process.

Shortness of Breath

This may lead to a more sever problem of breathlessness. This problem of breathlessness may even happen to you during your sleep.



This is a condition in which you may feel that you are about to fall down and your head will spin. This is due to less circulation of blood in the brain. This happens due to the weak pumping capacity of the heart. You may feel rapid heart beat.

Abnormal Heart Beat

This is a symptom which is very vital in detecting the problem of an enlarged heart. There will be malfunctioning of heart causing abnormal heart beats which can be detected by you. This is due the reason that the heart tries to compensate its low capacity to pump blood.


Swelling due to enlarged heart happens in the formation of unnecessary fluid in some parts of the body. Generally it affects the abdominal part.


This happens due to low blood circulation of blood in the kidney due to which salt and water gets accumulated in the body. This also may cause occasional severe pains

Chronic Cough

The accumulation of fluid in the lung due to scanty blood circulation may lead to the formation of thick mucus in the chest. This may effect you and cause chronic coughing. Due to prolonged coughing, there is a probability of throwing out blood clots along with the mucus. This may also lead to tuberculosis.

Chest Pain

Chest Pain

Enlarged heart creates many problems related to lungs and kidneys. Accumulation of fluid in the lungs causes many kinds of discomfort. Chest pain is one of the major outcomes of this problem.

Lack Of Appetite


The congestion in the liver and stomach does not allow us to feel the hunger, due to which your appetite looses a lot. You may feel that you are full and will not be able to eat. This may further lead to a weak physic.

Weight Gain

This is a very logical and obvious fact that due to the accumulation of the salt and water in different parts of the body, you will tremendously gain weight. This will happen within an unexpected short tenure.

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