Symptoms of Ear Infections

Ear infections can be caused by many different things. Swimmers can sometimes get water blocked in their ears that is called swimmers ear and can result in an ear infection. When we have a cold, sore throat, allergies, sinus infections or other flu-like symptoms, these all could lead to ear infections. Children oftentimes will get ear infections as the inner ear is still developing.

Telltale signs that you might have an ear infection are ear pain or an ache in the inner ear. Symptoms of ear infections can sometimes be mistaken for other illnesses if you are not experiencing any ear pain.  Other symptoms can include a low grade fever, headache, dizziness, difficulty hearing sounds that are not loud and even the feeling that something is caught in your ear canal.

Parents can find it difficult to determine when their child might have ear infections, especially if the child is very young or is still an infant. In these cases, parents should look for signs that might indicate an ear infection. If the toddler is pulling on their ear frequently, they may be experiencing ear pain. If you notice any fluid on sheets or pillows where the child had their head, there might be fluid draining from the ear which can indicate ear infections. If the infant or toddler has problems going to sleep or seems irritable they could have an ear infection. If the toddler is walking and seems to lose balance, they could be experience dizziness. If you make soft sounds and the child does not respond this could point to an ear infection.

These symptoms can indicate other illnesses or conditions besides ear infections. The only way to know is through diagnosis from your health care provider. Ear infections left untreated can cause further complications, such as permanent hearing loss. Early detection and treatment is important.

Until children’s inner ear fully develops, it is possible for them to get an ear infection on a regular basis. As the child grows and the tubes in the ear become fully developed they will eventually grow out of these regular ear infection occurrences.

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