The Best Diet For a Recovering Anorexia Sufferer

Anorexia Sufferer

Anorexia sufferers will typically manifest a significant amount of nutritional deficiencies within their diet and their body will suffer the full brunt of the consequences of that as their body is unable to support the various chemical reactions necessary to the overall well-being of the anorexia sufferer.  Because of this, one of the most pressing issues that must be addressed for a recovering anorexia sufferer is a significant streamlining of their diet as a whole, specifically to increase the amount of calories that they ingest, alongside the nutrients in the diet.

Tragically, this is a task easier said than done and the reason for this is that many recovering anorexia sufferers will willfully resist such changes, as they are still burdened by the fact that they still have hang ups and emotional baggage concerning food.


The recovering anorexia sufferer should increase the amount of meat in their diet as meat is an excellent source of many of the basic nutrients that they need to consume more of.  Meat is a prime source of protein which itself will help to repair the damaged cells and muscles around the body that will have cannibalised themselves by virtue of the fact that there is such a limited amount of food available.


Furthermore, meat will provide the anorexia sufferer with plenty of iron, which is significant as one of the complications typically associated with anorexia happens to be anemia, itself, manifested as a direct consequence of a lack of iron in the diet.


Please note that whilst vegetables are typically an excellent source of fiber, nutrients and minerals so commonly demanded and required in the diet, the simple truth of the matter is that they suffer from the major drawback (at least, for the recovering anorexia sufferer) of not actually containing a very high calorie amount. What this means then, in real, practical terms, is that the recovering anorexia will have to eat a very significant amount of vegetables in order to gain weight.  Such an outcome is doomed to failure from the very beginning, by virtue of the fact that the fiber content of the vegetables will suppress the appetite.

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