The Dangers of Chronic Asthma

Chronic asthma is a disease that consists of severe inflammation of the airways. The inflammation does not subside with the symptoms and can become permanent. People that have chronic asthma tend to have more frequent attacks that can last longer and be more severe.

Chronic asthma may cause you to have numerous attacks throughout the day. These attacks may only last a few minutes, or they could last as long as 24 hours. These attacks come on suddenly and consists of wheezing, shortness of breath and coughing.  They may also cause a panic attack, labored breathing and dizziness.  These symptoms usually happen during a severe attack and are caused by the lack of oxygen to the brain and lungs.

Chronic asthma is more common among children and young adults. Most people that have the disease will outgrow it in their adolescent years, however there are some people that have the disease throughout their entire life. Chronic asthma is also more commonly a hereditary disease. If you one or both of your parents have it, you are more likely to get it too.

Unlike regular asthma, a person with chronic asthma will always have slightly inflamed and irritated airways. No matter what treatment you use the threat will always be there. However, there are some treatments that can help with the sudden attacks and reduce the frequency of symptoms. Taking an inhaled corticosteroid is the most common form of treatment. It will help reduce the swelling and irritation and can therefore decrease the amount of outbreaks. Breathing treatments, such as a nebulizer are also excellent chronic asthma treatments. The breathing treatments send the medicine straight to the source and stop the symptoms from starting.  People that suffer from chronic asthma should also carry a short-term relief inhaler and an epi-pen. This will help for any sudden, severe attacks.

If you suffer from chronic asthma you know the dangers and pain that can come with it. Taking all the precautions you can will help you keep a healthy life. Speak with your doctor about the treatments available and stop the symptoms from forming today.

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