The Dangers of Food Allergies

Food allergies are a massive problem in the world today. Millions of people suffer from severe food allergies and even more suffer from mild to moderate. Common food allergies are becoming more of a danger and causing serious health conditions including coma and even death. Knowing the common food allergies can help prevent this from happening to you or your loved ones.

When a baby is born the doctor will tell the parents to keep the baby away from some types of food until they reach a certain age. This is due to the fact that these foods are common allergy culprits. When a baby is sensitive to the allergen and comes in contact with it, their immune system is not strong enough and cannot fight it off. This could lead to severe health problems for the child. Milk is one of the most common food allergies. Some people have only a mild sensitivity to it. They may experience a slight upset stomach, but nothing too dangerous. For others the milk may cause vomiting, diarrhea and severe stomach cramping. People that encounter any of these symptoms should stay away from all dairy products.

Peanuts are an extremely common food allergy. Almost all peanut allergies are severe and can lead to anaphylactic reactions. These reactions include difficulty swallowing, difficulty breathing, severe vomiting and shock. If a person has this common food allergy they should not come into contact with any form of peanut product. Also, they should be wary of other types of tree nuts. Tree nuts are another common food allergy and people with peanut allergies have an increased chance of having an allergy to tree nuts.

Shellfish is another culprit among common food allergies. It is also, another severe allergen that can lead to anaphylactic reactions. Anyone who is allergic to shellfish should also be concerned about consuming other seafood as all seafood is a common food allergy.

Eggs, wheat and soy are also common food allergies that can produce the same symptoms. Food allergies can come and go throughout your lifetime, so just because you are not allergic to something now, doesn’t mean you can’t develop the sensitivity later on in life. So no matter what, if you experience any type of allergic reaction after eating take immediate action to ensure your safety.

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