The Dangers Of Milk Allergies

Milk Allergies

Milk allergies are sometimes misunderstood and confused for other problems.  The milk allergen comes from the protein found in milk. It is normally a harmless substance, but for those that suffer from milk allergies, it can become a big problem. It can give you mild symptoms with slight discomfort, or it can cause serious problems and health conditions.

Lactose intolerant

Milk allergies are very common among young children. Most that have the milk allergy will lose the intolerance by the age of three. There is a small percentage of people that will continue to have the milk allergy throughout the remainder of their life. One misconception, is that milk allergies are the same thing as being lactose intolerant. Lactose intolerant people can consume milk without serious consequences. They may still get some uncomfortable symptoms, but no major health problems. People with milk allergies cannot consume any milk products, because the milk proteins will cause serious problems to arise.

Difficulty In Breathing

Milk allergy symptoms include difficulty swallowing, difficulty breathing, drop in blood pressure and shock. It is a scary and dangerous problem that needs to be treated immediately. The only proven cure is to avoid the milk proteins completely.  All dairy products will give you the reaction due to the milk protein being present.  For those that want a dairy substitute, there are some substitutes available that many people with a milk allergy can consume. These include soy, rice, almond and coconut milk. There are also special formulas that are available for infants that suffer from milk allergies. Unfortunately, some people that have milk allergies have a sensitivity to the milk substitutes as well. If you take a substitute and notice any strange symptoms, be sure to stop consuming it and speak with a doctor.


Milk allergies are the most common form of allergies in children and must be diagnosed and treated as soon as symptoms arise. Knowing what the symptoms are and how to avoid them can save your life. In some cases, accidental milk allergen exposure will happen and taking an antihistamine, decongestant or using an epi-pen can help, so be sure to speak with your doctor about all treatments and possible situations.

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