The Different Allergy Treatment Options

Allergies is a problem that millions of people have to deal with on a daily basis. Some experience seasonal allergies, while other have food or mold allergies. It can become a painful and uncomfortable situation and getting relief is important. Knowing what allergy treatments are available to you is the key to getting rid of your allergy symptoms.

One of the most common allergy treatments is taking an antihistamine. You can either take this at the onset of symptoms, or go on a daily regimen. The antihistamine will go directly to the problem and help reduce the pain and discomfort. It will help decrease inflammation in the nasal cavity and throat. It can also help heal itchy, watery, red eyes. Antihistamine eye drops and nasal spray are also great allergy treatments for localized symptoms.

When antihistamines do not work, another form of allergy treatment is needed. Corticosteroids are a stronger allergy treatment that not only prevent the allergy symptoms from forming, they also heal any damage caused by the reaction.  Corticosteroids will heal any swelling or irritation you may have developed due to the symptoms.   Corticosteroids are available by prescription only and should only be used short-term, as they come with some mild side effects.

For serious allergy symptoms, the best allergy treatment available is allergy shots. Allergy shots inject a small amount of the harmful allergen into your body. This helps your body grow up a tolerance to the allergen. It also gives the immune system the sign that the allergen is a known substance and not harmful. Therefore, the immune system will not fight off the allergen. Allergy shots are a long-term allergy treatment and require numerous doctor visits. At first you will get one to two doses each week and slowly it will decrease to one dose every six weeks.

Knowing the different forms of allergy treatment will help you with your allergy symptoms. If you have a mild case, taking an occasional antihistamine will most likely work. If you have more regular outbreaks, speaking with your doctor about these other allergy treatments will benefit you. Having many treatments available will send you on your way to a symptom free life.

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