The Different Forms of Asthma Medication

There are a few different asthma medications on the market. Each asthma treatment has a different job and not all of them give you the same relief. Knowing which asthma medication is the right one to choose is something that you need to discuss with you doctor. You may end up taking two or more treatments that work together to give you the most prevention.

Inhaled corticosteroids are the most common form of asthma medication available. This is an anti-inflammatory drug that is used for long-term asthma prevention and control. They help by reducing the tightening of the airways and inflammation of the bronchial tube. The only downside to this form of asthma medication is that it can take days to weeks for the medicine to build up in your system. This could cause the asthma medication to not work for awhile. Regular use of the inhaled corticosteroid could help reduce the amount of asthma attacks and help in the healing process.

Long-acting beta agonists are another common form of long-term asthma medication. This type of medication opens up the airways and reduces swelling. It helsp with moderate to severe asthma and can prevent symptoms for up to twelve hours. There are also short-term beta agonists that give you short-term relief. They are generally referred to as an inhaler. They give you the same results, but are not as strong and therefore only give you relief for a few hours.

Theophylline is an oral asthma medication that is taken in pill form on a daily basis. It is used to treat mild asthma and works by relaxing the airways and making them less susceptible to irritation. Theophylline is an asthma medication that is especially helpful for people that experience nighttime asthma symptoms.

There are many different forms of asthma medication. Some are for long-term effects, others are only for short-term effects. Everyone’s symptoms differ and the asthma medication that is best depends on your own individual reactions. Speak with your doctor about your asthma symptoms and you two together can determine which form of asthma medication is right for you.

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