The Number Of Symptoms Of Herpes In Men

Herpes In MenHerpes is an illness caused by infection in the genitals and oral regions. The herpes simplex virus which usually remains undetected causes the infection. This infection is caused by sexual transmission of the virus. There are no particular symptoms for this condition sometimes and this condition is termed as asymptomatic herpes.

Even though there are no symptoms at present, the person can go on infecting a number of persons when he has sexual contact with them. But sometimes there are few first symptoms of herpes in men that help you diagnose the condition without delay.

Symptoms Of Herpes In Men

Prodrome – First Symptoms Of Herpes In Men

This is one of the first symptoms of this disease which features the development of lesions along with itching, burning, increased sensitivity, tingling, soreness. In addition, it has the tendency to last even for many days. The lesions develop as tiny bumps that are red in color and will have a lot of pain. The difference between these lesions and the ordinary skin rashes is that the lesions would be distributed on two sides of the genitals of men and also on the thighs and bums. This will also cause pain while urinating, groin pain, back pain, penile discharge and urinating frequently.

Occurrence Of Illness

Men when affected with the herpes disease would experience flu like symptoms such as muscle pain, joint aches, fever, headache, malaise and cut in appetite. The fever lasts about three days and in some cases it will last up to 7 days. These symptoms are same in men and women and the nature of this symptom is that they are very severe while at first and then recede away with slight irritation. Do not mistake this symptom as influenza fever as the most common symptom of influenza such as cough and cold are not involved in this case of herpes infection.

Perirectal Infections

Perirectal infections

The herpes involve perirectal symptoms if men indulge in anal contact. In such cases the symptoms would be different such as perirectal pain, perirectal lesions, excruciating pain while passing stools, occurrence of blood in stools, non stool discharge in the rectal area usually blood or pus along with a foul odor.

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Appearance In Skin Sensations

Various types of skin sensations tend to appear in the early phase of the infection. The sensation on the skin occurs in lips, buttocks, thighs, genitals and oral mucus membranes. These are itchy and usual painful and are warning signs in men about the outbreak of this disease.

Occurrence Of Blisters

Occurrence of Blisters

Usually prodrome symptoms are followed by the development of small blisters that have fluid filling in them. These blisters when burst would give out pus or liquid which would scab. These warning symptoms of herpes in men lasts for about three days to seven days and the initial outbreak would take three weeks to disappear. They can also reappear after a period of few weeks giving you the warning of the second outbreak of this herpes infection and then tend to go away after a few weeks time.