The Perils Of Using Iron Supplements To Prevent Anemia

When a woman is pregnant, it is more crucial than ever before for her to ensure that she takes the necessary steps to protect her overall well-being and health by eating a well-balanced and healthy diet that provides her with the requisite number of minerals and nutrients that will promote her good health. The reason for this is that the unborn child that she is carrying in her womb will be fed directly from the food that the mother consumes, and the nutrients absorbed from the food the mother eats will then pass to the child via the placenta.

In short, the mother really is eating for two, and so she must ensure that she actually increases her consumption of certain food items and nutrients to ensure that she does not feed her child….to the detriment of herself.  A common problems found within pregnant women is that they are more likely to develop anemia, as a direct consequence of the iron that they ingest in their diet, being absorbed for use by the baby.

In order to counter such a problem directly, it is often recommended that the mother takes iron supplement tablets to offset the risk of anemia arising.  These iron supplements are and can be, extremely effective in the management of the condition,  but it should be noted that whilst they prevent anemia they pose threats in other ways.

Some of these are follows

What are the potential hazards of using the iron supplements?

Prolonged use of the iron supplements can oftentimes, place the pregnant female at risk of developing complications with their stomach and digestive system and so constipation, diarrhea and stomach cramps, alongside bloating, have all been reported among women who use the iron supplements during the course of their pregnancy. Because of the symptoms they endure, many women feel tempted to reduce, or even refrain from taking the supplements altogether.

Please be very cautious about taking such a drastic step, as this can ultimately pose a major degree of risk to both yourself and your unborn child. If the symptoms are that severe, you may wish to consider altering your diet instead.

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