The Ultimate Sources Of Vitamin B

Vitamin B

People are in constant requirement of Vitamins. As we are becoming more and more depended on junk food our body’s requirement for Vitamins does not get satisfied, causing one or more Vitamin related disease.

The lack of Vitamins consumed by the human body does not allow the body to function properly and can give rise to a list of related diseases which can even lead to critical diseases or organ failure.

Main Sources Of Vitamin B

Vitamins Through Shellfish

Shell Fish

Oyster, clams and mussels are considered to a good and natural source of Vitamin B. Shellfish can be eaten raw or cooked, they can also be steamed or baked and added to soups and chowder.

Apart from their exotic food value and taste shellfish is a good source of Vitamin B and is essential in the production of bone marrow blood cells, nerves, organ development and is also involved in cellular metabolism of blood cells and lipids.

Sea Food For Vitamin B

Sea Food

Apart from the bad smell, seafood is considered a delicacy and exotic cuisine in many countries and they are also one of the best sources for Vitamin B.

Octopus, fish, crabs, lobsters and even a few fish eggs which are sold as caviar are the world’s favorite. The best thing about seafood is that you don’t need to face too much trouble in cooking it. They can be eaten raw as sushi or cooked in a variety of ways.

Salted Liver

Salted Liver

Not for many but for the few who prefer liver, it is the best source of Vitamin B. The variation with which it can be cooked and with the ability of being added to almost any non vegetarian dish, the liver is a preference of many people, especially parents. Not only the liver but also the liver oil such as cod liver oil is considered to be a very rich source of Vitamins, which gives it the ability to be added in medicine also.

Other Face of Mutton


The mutton, especially lamb meat is considered to the highest meal. In places like the Middle East the lamb is cooked mainly for royalty and in special occasion, but apart from the status value lamb’s meat is also a very good source of Vitamin B.

The biggest advantage of mutton is that no part goes to waste and all parts hold some nutritional value. For generations of people mutton have one of the ultimate source for Vitamin B, mainly because unlike seafood, fish or eggs its available everywhere.

Vegetarian Delight

Dair Product

Vitamin B is not only for the non vegetarian, but lots of vegetarian products are also packed with Vitamin B. Cheese, egg, milk and yoghurt has been a very a healthy source of Vitamin B and many body builders prefer it over fish and meat, simply because it is more affordable than fish and meat. Not only with the price factor, what makes cheese, eggs, milk, yeast spread so popular is that the variety of dishes that can be prepared with it and unlike fish and meat you don’t need to be picky about it.

Every doctor is known to prescribe to Vitamin B, because the deficiency of Vitamin B can lead to a host of Vitamin related disease including cancer. With its ability to fight of diseases and keeping you healthy Vitamin B is one Vitamin that no one can afford to miss out on.

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