The usage of osteotomy for knee arthritis

People who are currently suffering from knee arthritis will often find that in addition to the pain  and stiffness of the joints, they will also find that the level of activity that they once previously enjoyed will diminish as time progresses, and so the knee arthritis sufferer will become progressively more inactive and sedentary.

As the knee arthritis takes full effect it will slowly but surely begin to have an extremely prejudicial and damaging effect on the afflicted joint which will ultimately become more damaged and deformed with the passage of time. Therefore, people who suffer from the condition should prepare themselves for the inevitable outcome that their knee joint will begin to alter and warp in shape and size.

What causes the deformities specifically?

Knee arthritis is not a predictable disease and so the extent of damage it inflicts on the joints in question is not always stable or universal and so oftentimes, the disease will affect one side of the joint more adversely and aggressively than the other thereby creating a significant imbalance within the joint. 

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Why is this deformity of the knee joint of a concern?

If the knee joint becomes more damaged and unstable on one side then this means that there is a significant imbalance in regards to the distribution of both weight and pressure within the afflicted joint. Specifically, if the “medial side”  of the knee joint (the inside of the joint for us laypeople who are not familiar with medical jargon terminology) then this means that the full amount of the weight of the body will be placed squarely through the segment of the joint that has been damaged by the disease.

What is an osteotomy?

The ostesotomy is a form of knee surgery designed to remedy the problems caused by this sort of situation, and so it will involve alterations to the knee joint to ensure that the brunt of the weight is pushed through and conducted through the healthier side of the joint, as opposed to the side of the knee joint which is currently weakened and damaged as a direct consequence of the condition.


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