Tips To Prevent Heart Disease In Women

Heart DiseaseWoman is the heart and soul of any family. It is very essential for any lady to take care of herself so that she can look after her family with full strength. She needs to be careful not only about her family’s health but also her own health.

She should follow a proper nutritious diet regime so that she keeps herself away from any kind of disease. It has been noted that with the passage of time ladies are stepping out of the house for office work and also managing the house.

In this rush she is neglecting herself, which in turn is causing many kinds of diseases to her. The most severe among them is the heart disease. Ladies are getting affected by heart diseases due to their daily mismanaged schedule. Below, I will list down a few tips to prevent heart disease in women.

Ways To Prevent Heart Disease In Women

Balance Your Weight

This is the most vital tip you should remember. You should keep a watch on your waist line. Over weight is a symptom showing the presence of unbalance cholesterol in your body. The accumulation of fat in the middle part of your body is an indication of heart disease.

You need to observe your belly size, as the accumulated fat in the area may lead to blockage in the heart arteries. Thus, you should maintain the body weight without any second thought.

No Smoking

Smoking is severely hazardous to health. It is always advisable for all the ladies to quit the habit because this raises the risk of blood clotting and increases blood pressure.

No Smoking

This can cause sudden heart attack which can turn up to be a severe heart failure. Abandoning this habit reduces the risk of heart attack up to 50%.

Reduced Use Of Salt

Salt increases the blood pressure. With the increasing age, women become more sensitive to sodium and may acquire the problem of high blood pressure. Thus, it is very much safe to cut down on the amount of everyday salt intake. You may use powdered pepper in place of salt for adding taste to your food.

Say Yes To Fruits And Green Vegetables

Fruits And Green Vegetables

Fruits are rich in anti-oxidants and fiber which is very healthy for heart. You should consume iron rich diet like spinach, carrots and some different varieties of berries. Intake of these kinds of fruits and vegetables keeps away all the heart diseases.

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Say Yes To Fish

It is very essential to balance your diet with some omega 3 rich food items. You can eat cold water fish for the same. You can also have red meat but do remember to get the fats removed before cooking. Omega 3 is very supportive for the proper and healthy maintenance of the heart. Tuna, Salmon etc. are examples of cold water fish.

Regular Exercise

The ultimate solution lies on this tip. It is mandatory to prepare a regular exercise regime for yourself. You may also opt for a very simple task of walking for 30 to 40 minutes everyday.


This is the best cardiac exercise anyone cane do at home. This keeps your heart protected and active. Exercise is the best tip to avoid any kind of heart disease.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.