Top 5 Carpal Tunnel Symptoms

Carpal TunnelCarpal tunnel is a medical condition that causes pain, numbness and several other discomforts in your hands due to lack of pressure in your median nerve of the wrist. Numbness, weakness, tingling effect and pain are some of the main symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

These symptoms are mostly experienced in the index fingers, ring finger and thumb. In this syndrome, your little finger will not get affected, which makes it one of the most important factors for diagnosing carpal tunnel syndrome. These symptoms may occur in both the hands but you may notice one hand may get more painful than the other one.

Carpal tunnel symptoms are mostly observed at night. People suffering from this syndrome may fall asleep but they often tend to get up in the middle of the night due to the unbearable pain and discomfort.

Various Symptoms Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Numbness is one of the most significant symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. You may experience numbness in your hands, particularly in your thumb, index and middle or ring fingers. It often develops while you hold the phone, steering wheel or newspaper.


Gradually when the ailment grows, then the numbness also increases and later it may lead to worse condition in which you may fail to feel cold or heat. The numbness often tends to become constant with the progression of this disorder. You may feel the numbness the most when you try to grip something with your hands or try to flex your wrist.

Occasional Tingling

Tingling effect is also an important symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome. This sensation may feel like pins and needles being pinched in your body. It may be accompanied with a burning sensation or pain in the fingers.

This sensation may begin to radiate to the shoulder or the forearm. If you notice this symptom for a long time, then you may consult a doctor and explain the problems that you may be facing.

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Pain is by far the most problematic symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome. You can observe occasional pain in the forearms between the wrist and elbow. The pain radiates from the wrist and goes up to the shoulders or it may go down to your palms and fingers.

This happens more when you repetitively use your hands for some work. Initially, the pain will start in both the hands. Even if you observe that the pain is present only in one of the hands, still the other one will have some conduction abnormality symptoms, which gets uncovered upon testing.


Stiffness in the fingers

Stiffness in the fingers is considered to be an important symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome. This symptom can be felt severely right after getting up in the morning. You may feel numbness as well as stiffness in this syndrome when you get up after a good night’s sleep.


Carpal tunnel syndrome brings along a lot of weakness and you may observe loss of energy in your hands. When the problem develops, you may develop a tendency of dropping the objects as the gripping capacity reduces.

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