Top 5 Herbal Remedies For Measles

MeaslesRubella is the name that is scientifically popular for measles but generally people are common with the name measles that has been given to a viral infection that is highly-contagious and is a common infection that is found in children. Rash and fever are some of the common symptoms of this infection and it can last for at least nine to eleven days.

Irritability, running eyes, feeling of tiredness and cold are the other symptoms of measles leading to the development of red rash on the face and the forehead that leads down towards the neck and the feet. There are some herbal remedies for measles that can be tried in order to get instant relief from this infection. They are as follows:

Best Herbal Remedies For Measles

Neem Leaves

Neem is known to be one of the most common treatments for several infections. Neem leaves can be taken on a regular basis by an individual suffering from measles but it would also be useful to place the neem leaves in the room of the person suffering from measles.

Neem Leaves

These leaves have antiseptic qualities and have the ability to freshen the air inside the room that can serve to be very effective for the infected person. Neem leaves also hinder the chances of the infection spreading from one person to another through contact.


Echinacea cannot be considered as a direct treatment for measles but this is an effective herb that is very helpful in doing away with any kind of infections that the body might suffer from.


It enhances the working ability of the immune system in the body and in this way Echinacea helps in avoiding the chances of measles.

Garlic Oil

Garlic is also said to have several qualities that are very helpful in treating infections of any kind. It has been found that the intake of garlic on a regular basis can help in avoiding various kinds of infections of the body. There are many people who take raw garlic everyday in order to stay healthy.

Garlic Oil

Garlic can be taken to cure measles and at the same time garlic oil can be applied to the area that has been affected by measles as this oil is helpful in the prevention of the infection and also regulates its further development.

Ginseng And Eleutherococcus

These are the herbs that work as general tonics for the individuals suffering from measles. These herbs not only work as tonics but at the same time they can improvise the strength of a human being and prepare his body to resist any kind of infections.


These herbs can be used among the best herbal remedies for measles.

Snake Root And Saffron

The entire healing process of measles can be boosted and provided great speed by the use of snake root and saffron. These are excellent herbs that can fight off the infection very fast if the person infected takes a drink made out of these herbs on a regular basis. The drink made out of these herbs serves to be the best among all the other herbal remedies for measles.

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