Top 5 Natural Cures For Chronic Mucus

Chronic Mucus

Chronic MucusChronic mucus is a condition where there is tremendous irritation and inflammation of the mucus membrane that is found in the nasal passage. A runny nose is one of the main symptoms of chronic mucus along with other symptoms such as post nasal irritation and nasal congestion. A very general term that can be used in place of chronic mucus is the inflammation or the irritation that is caused in the nose which can also turn out to be very serious if left untreated.

Common cold is considered to be one of the most common causes of chronic mucus because in conditions of common cold the mucus membranes produce more mucus because of which the nasal passage swells and causes irritation. There are some very popular natural cures for chronic mucus that can be used in order to put an end to the difficulty caused due to chronic mucus. These cures do not have any kind of side effects and are also found to be very healthy for the nose. The cures include:

Natural Cures For Chronic Mucus

Irrigation Or Nasal Wash

Chronic mucus can be treated very well with the help of irrigation or nasal wash that reduces the buildup of mucus in the nasal passage and thus bringing about a reduction in the inflammation of the nasal passage.


A nasal wash can be done by leaning on the sink with a head that is pointed down or else a saline solution can also be used for this purpose. The solution needs to be inhaled by the use of one nostril each time. A syringe or some other device for irrigation can also be used for the insertion of the saline in the nose.


The allergens that cause chronic mucus can be washed off by the use of acupuncture which is a method that is effectively used in the treatment of excess mucus in the nasal passage and the congestion of the nose that can turn out to be very serious if proper precautions are not taken at the correct time.

Drink Water

Water serves as a natural cleanser for the body and therefore it is very important for an individual to drink lots of water every day because water helps in flushing out the bacteria and the germs that causes various types of infections in the body.


Mucus is kept thick and is easily flushed away by the intake of water and this is the reason why water is considered to be the best of all the natural cures for chronic mucus.

Avoid Dairy Products

People who suffer from chronic mucus should always try to avoid the intake of dairy products and processed foods because such foods are found to produce mucus within the nose.

Instead vegetables and fresh fruits should be taken on a regular basis because vegetables and fruits contain vitamins and nutrients that are needed for the good health of the body.

Herbal Products

Grape Seeds

Herbal cures can also act as the best natural cures for chronic mucus if certain herbs such as butter bar and grape seed are taken in the form of tincture, capsule or tea.

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