Top 5 Natural Cures For Sterility


SterilitySterility is a condition that is found in females only and it is a condition where a female in unable to conceive or give birth to a child. There are different factors that can cause sterility such as physical defect such as the absence of the reproductive organs or the necessary glands that help in conceiving, any functional fault such as emaciation caused due to a diabetic error and even due to some sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea and syphilis.

There are many people who confuse sterility with frigidity but it is not the case. Depression, weight loss, change in the patterns of sleep, lack of concentration in daily activities and anxiety can be some of the symptoms of sterility. There are some natural cures for sterility that can be taken help from as they might relieve a woman from the symptoms that she suffers from. The most common cures have been mentioned below:

Natural Cures For Sterility

Banyan Tree Roots

The roots of the banyan tree are said to be very delicate and soft and therefore they are also considered to be of great value as relievers of sterility if it is not caused due to physical defects. The banyan root has to be dried and then crushed into powder to be added into milk. This mixture can be used by the affected person on a regular basis after the menstrual cycle.

Banyan Tree Root

The mixture should be taken for three nights in a row and it should also be maintained that food is taken only after four hours of taking this mixture. If taken every month, this method can serve as the best of all the natural cures for sterility and can bring forth positive results.

Proper Or Prescribed Diet

Good and healthy diet is very important for every human being and this can work wonders in respect to the sterility issue in a woman. A woman facing this problem must make it a point to have healthy and regular diet prescribed by the gynecologist. This can help her conceive fast and can also lead to an improvement in the health conditions of a woman.

Proper Exercise


Proper exercise is also considered to be the most effective of all the natural cures for sterility because it helps a woman conceive at a very fast pace. It is also said that proper exercise along with proper diet in beneficial for women who suffer from sterility because of obesity.


There are many women who do not like to go through the strenuous and routine exercises. For such women it is always beneficial to opt for the yoga asanas and forms that are designed in such a way that they strengthen the ovaries and help women in overcoming the problem of sterility. This is the reason why asanas in yoga are considered as the natural cures for sterility in women.

Proper Rest

Proper rest

Proper and the right amount of rest is also very important in the process of conceiving and getting rid of sterility. Sterility is a problem that can produce great problems for a woman and this can be won over by proper rest and sleep that help the body in producing the hormones needed for energy and stimulating the immune system of the body.