Top 5 Natural Cures For Wheezing

5 Natural Cures For Wheezing

Wheezing, the term assigned for extreme breathing difficulty followed by a whistling sound is a very common symptom of bronchitis and asthma. Chronic sufferers of these ailments are well aware of this symptom and the difficulties associated with it. Prolonged wheezing neither allows the sufferer to sleep properly nor can he or she carry out the routine activities.

The patient feels extremely tired and exhausted. The respiratory tract becomes inflamed due to bronchial infection obstructing the normal oxygen circulation to the lungs. Frequent coughing and accumulation of phlegm worsens the situation. The patient feels tightness in the chest, and it is quite difficult for him or her to sleep in the normal position.

Wheezing can be acute in chain smokers or those frequently exposed to toxic gases and pollutants. Severe atmospheric pollution can also trigger wheezing as these pollutants act as allergens. Wheezing is also common in those with Chronic Pulmonary Obstructive disease. Healthy people prone to allergies also experience wheezing.

5 Natural Cures For Wheezing

It is clear that wheezing is not a disease but a symptom which can make your life hell. Wheezing can be best treated with natural cures, which provide a long lasting effect enabling you to breathe freely.

Inhale Steam

Inhale Steam

Steam inhalation clears the blocked respiratory tracts and is one of the effective natural cures for wheezing. Take a large basin of hot water. The temperature must be at the boiling point in order to produce enough steam to inhale.

Cover up your head with a towel or a cap and inhale the steam by lowering your head over the basin. Inhale the steam for 15 minutes. Be cautious not to burn your face as steam can cause serious burns. The steam will loosen the mucous and reduce the inflammation of the respiratory passages thereby reducing the wheezing.

Introduce A Humidifier


This is the first natural cure for wheezing that will lessen your problem quickly providing you relief for hours. Use a warm humidifier in your room to increase the humidity especially during the chilly winter months.

This will reduce the stickiness of the phlegm driving it out of the respiratory passages. You can also run the steam shower in your bathroom and stay in it for 15 minutes keeping the doors closed. You will get quick relief from wheezing. Repeat this treatment 3-4 times a day.

Massage With Eucalyptus Oil

Massaging the chest with eucalyptus oil is another effective natural cure for wheezing. Eucalyptol, the organic compound present in eucalyptus oil helps in relieving congestion and tightness of chest reducing the breathing difficulty.

Massage With Eucalyptus Oil

Mix a few drops of eucalyptus oil in a carrier oil like coconut oil and massage on your chest gently. You can also inhale steam as mentioned above adding a few drops of this oil in hot water.

Reduce Physical Activities

Wheezing prevents the normal oxygen circulation in your body, which makes you tired quite easily. If you indulge in too much physical activities, your body will demand more oxygen increasing the wheezing. It is advised to take enough rest throughout the day. Rest yourself in an inclined position either on your bed placing 3-4 pillows under your head or in the armchair. Breathe slowly while resting. This will help you feel better.

Reduce Physical Activities

Practice Breathing Exercises

This natural cure for wheezing is very effective for chronic asthma patients. Sit in a comfortable position keeping your backbone straight. Practice slow breathing if you experience blockage in the respiratory tracts.

You will inhale more oxygen that will slowly remove the constriction of the nasal passages. Gradually, start deep breathing and exhale slowly. Practice this exercise for 10-15 minutes regularly. You will develop an auto reflex that will reduce the severity of wheezing in the future.

Breathing Exercises

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