Top 6 Candidiasis Symptoms

CandidiasisCandidiasis, also known as thrush is one of the most common infections that affect both men and women, causing various discomforts. It may be mild or severe and can range from oral thrush, considerably a superficial condition to life threatening diseases.

Fatal diseases caused by this condition often occur in people who suffer from other severe ailments such as cancer and AIDS. It may also develop in people who have undergone organ transplant or other surgeries. Infections of mucosal membranes and skin are most common in Candidiasis.

Though there are effective treatments available for this ailment, a number of times patients just keep going from one doctor to another but the problem is not diagnosed properly due to lack of proper understanding of Candidiasis symptoms. With the proper understanding of different symptoms of Candidiasis, it becomes easy to further diagnose it and treat the root cause of the problem.

Different Symptoms of Candidiasis


Allergy is the most common symptom of Candidiasis. You may get allergic to food or airborne chemicals. In addition, there could be many other things that you could get allergic to, in this disease.


In some of the worst situations, you may feel allergic to several things found in the environment and you would force yourself to live in isolation to protect yourself from allergies.


Fatigue is yet another significant symptom of Candidiasis. It may mostly be continual but you would feel more tired after eating. It can lead to low level of energy in the body making you feel weak. You would always feel the urge to be on the bed and take rest. You might not concentrate on your work due to weakness.


Though, fatigue may be caused due to different reasons such as overwork, boredom, worry, sleep deprivation and lack of exercise, Candidiasis is a potent reason for fatigue. If you feel fatigued for a considerably longer period of time, you may need to consult a doctor.


Obesity is also an important Candidiasis symptom. You may put on a lot of weight despite eating a normal diet. If you notice unusual weight gain, you must watch for other symptoms of Candidiasis, as it may be due to this ailment.


In Candidiasis, you may get irritable on even small things that may have never been a subject of anger before.


This ailment causes low levels of patience that may lead to frequent outbursts of anger and irritation. You may even get confused about simple things owing to Candidiasis.

Gastrointestinal Problems

Poor digestion, gastritis, constipation, bloating, heartburn and nausea are some of the main gastrointestinal problems that often occur due to Candidiasis, making it the most important factor for diagnosis of this ailment.


If you observe any of these gastrointestinal problems along with other Candidiasis symptoms, then it may be a cause to worry and consult the doctor without any further delay.

Genito-Urinary Problems

Urinary problems may also occur due to Candidiasis. You may often get vaginal infections, difficulties in menstruation, infertility, impotence, rectal itching, infections or inflammation tract and burning sensation of the urinary tract.