Top 6 Duodenal Ulcer Symptoms

An organism called Helicobacter Pylori infects the duodenum present in the small intestine in the human body and this leads to duodenal ulcer. This might occur when a person consumes a lot of tobacco products or alcohol, NSAIDS and aspirin.

Duodenal Ulcer

There might be various symptoms associated with this condition, such as abdominal pain, internal bleeding and other symptoms which might be very bothering as well as disturbing. These symptoms would be seen in a few people, whereas a few others would not develop any sign at all. This article would let you know about the various duodenal ulcer symptoms so that you can identify them before it is too late.

Symptoms Of Duodenal Ulcer


This is a popular symptom associated with this condition. The condition causes disruption to the gastrointestinal system in your body. This will make you experience a burning sensation in the upper region of your stomach.

This would be at its peak while you consume coffee or juice made with citrus flavor. This is owing to the tender umbilical area in your body which might get irritated more when you consume hot and cold drinks.


Pains In The Abdomen

You would also experience sharp pains caused by the ulcers in your abdomen. This is a result of secretion of hydrochloric acid in a hyperactive way inside your stomach.

This pain in the abdomen would usually occur at night, generally after having a meal. This is frequently experienced in the breastbone and also in the navel. This might last from a few minutes to a few hours.

abdominal pain

Other Common Symptoms

When having this type of ulcer most of you might experience a few symptoms, such as tiredness, weakness, vomiting, nausea, bloating, belching and loss of appetite which will also trigger a throat pain.

These symptoms tend to occur once a day or once in a while. But they can get nasty and cause severe pain which sometimes would cause you to seek immediate medical aid.


Perforations In The Duodenum Wall

When you suffer from this condition, you might face perforations along the linings of the duodenum wall. This would cause the acid extracted from the food to seep through it.

This perforation would also lead to acute pain. From time to time, this pain becomes so  intense that the patients have to hospitalized immediately.

Perforations In Duodenum Wall

Life Threatening Symptoms

If you or a person known to you is suffering from this condition of ulcer, be aware of the complicated duodenal ulcer symptoms which might be fatal to your life.  Blood vomit, occurrence of blood in stools, black stools with a tarry appearance and swelling or inflammation in the intestine are serious problems associated with this condition.

This might be owing to the perforation in the intestinal walls. Also the swelling in the intestine would block the path and this leads to  a narrowed path that in turn might trigger blood vomit.

blood vomit

Unexplained Weight Loss

When the intestinal walls get inflamed, the food you eat cannot pass through the passage of the intestine. As a result, the person suffering from such condition refuse food and eventually he or she loses a lot of weight.

weight loss

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