Top 6 Herbal Remedies For Bladder Infection

Herbal Remedies For Bladder InfectionBladder infection is commonly known as UTI or an infection of the urinary tract which can have adverse effects on the urethra and the kidney apart from damaging the bladder. A bladder infection can be very inconvenient and at the same time painful leading to frequent urinating urges while the amount of urine produced is very little.

Burning sensation in the urethra is also experienced because of this infection. Women are said to be the common victims of this infection that can recur frequently. There are some herbal remedies for bladder infection that can be tried out in order to expedite healing and to bring about the relief that is much needed by a person suffering from this infection. The remedies have been enumerated below:

Bladder Infection Herbal Remedies


Blueberries have anti-bacterial properties that work effectively in treating bladder infection in people.


These berries can be taken with breakfast and can work as great healers in bladder infection. They are also said to work in stimulating the healing process of such infections of the body.

Uva ursi

Uva ursi is another herb that is known to fight and kill the bacteria that cause bladder infection. This herb consists of a compound named arbutin which is converted into a substance for killing bacteria. This conversion is carried out by the body and is therefore used worldwide as an herb that can fight off bladder infection.

Cranberry Juice

The juice of cranberry is said to work as one of the most widespread herbal remedies for bladder infection because it fights off the bacteria that causes bladder infection by bedding down in the bladder.

Cranberry Juice

It also works as an anti-biotic agent which helps in killing the other causes that can lead to bladder infection. Cranberry juice should be taken on a daily basis in order to fight off infections of the bladder in a very effective manner.

Hydrangea And Parsley

Hydrangea and parsley are the herbs that are said to be diuretic. The diuretic abilities of these herbs help in improvising on the amount of urine that goes through a passage in the bladder and in this way the herbs help in killing the bacteria that causes bladder infection.

The leaves of the dandelion are also said to contain diuretic abilities that are very helpful in clearing off the bacteria present in the bladder. The inflammation of the bladder can be reduced to a great extent by the use of parsley seeds.


Marshmallow is said to work as an herb that helps in soothing the inflamed areas of the urinary tract and at the same time it also brings about an enhancement of the immune function inside the body.


This helps in fighting off the bacteria that causes bladder infection. Mullein is another diuretic herb that is said to bring about a great reduction in the inflammation of the urinary tract.


Horsetail is considered as the finest of all the herbal remedies for bladder infection because it works as an astringent that increases the flow of urine through the bladder and also stops the bleeding that is experienced in the urinary tract. You should take this herb for  a few days continuously to see the difference.

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