Top 6 Home Remedies For Measles


Measles is a viral infection that involves skin rashes, itching, fever and cough and cold. It may also cause acute headache, runny nose and sore throat. This medical condition is also known as rubeola and is considered to be a serious infection as it often turns fatal when it affects small children.

There are not many ways to cure measles and people mostly rely on the natural home remedies to deal with this disease. Though there are some conventional methods of treatment but some of the most effective remedies are found in the home. Some of the effective home remedies include orange juice, neem leaves, bitter gourd leaves, barley water, turmeric and drinking water.

Best Home Remedies For Measles

Neem Leaves

Neem Leaves

Neem leaves are considered to be the most effective home remedies of treating measles. You need to add some neem leaves to the lukewarm bath water and then take bath. It helps to relieve the itching tendency significantly and help you cope with the discomforts caused by measles.

You can also spread a lot of neem leaves on your bed and sleep over them to get soothing effect. Neem leaves are known to have great medicinal properties and can help reduce itching. Before taking bath or sleeping over neem leaves, make sure they are fresh and clean.

Bitter Gourd Leaves

Bitter Gourd leaves

Leaves from the bitter gourd plant can also help in treating measles effectively. You need to mix some leaves of bitter gourd with about half a teaspoon turmeric powder along with some honey. Try to consume this healthy mixture once a day on a daily basis to treat measles.



Orange is one of the most effective home remedies for reducing the problems involving measles. This fruit can provide you with energy and cure measles.

You need to drink plenty of orange juice on a daily basis and treat your problem of lack of appetite, which naturally develops when a person suffers from measles. Alternatively, you can also drink lemon juice as it can also provide you with a lot of energy.



Water is known to solve a lot of problems including measles. Drink plenty of water every day till you recover from the symptoms of measles. This will keep your body hydrated and save you from developing fatigue due to loss of energy. Additionally, you can even take other fruit juices and fluids to fight the symptoms of measles effectively.



Turmeric is also known to reduce the problems related to measles. You can mix some turmeric powder with milk or honey and consume it to get a faster recovery from measles.

This will also boost your immunity significantly. Alternatively, you can even add tamarind seeds to turmeric powder and consume it at least thrice a day to fight against the symptoms of measles.



Barley is also one of the best ways of getting some relief from measles. You can either choose to drink barley water or take bath with it to get soothe your irritated skin and reduce some itchy skin rashes. To get maximum relief you can drink barley as well as bath with barley water until you recover completely from measles.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.