Top 6 Hypoglycemia Symptoms

HypoglycemiaHypoglycemia is a medical condition that is characterized by low levels of blood sugar in the body. Blood sugar or glucose is the main source of energy for the body, so when the body fails to produce enough glucose, it leads to hypoglycemia.

It is not a disease but a strong indication of associated health problems. It is mostly associated with diabetes and can prove to be fatal when left untreated for a long time. It can adversely impact your brain, if the blood sugar levels are not brought to normal in time.

There are many ways to control the blood sugar levels in hypoglycemia but it is essential to first understand the various symptoms of this medical condition in order to do so. Some people may experience eye related problems like blurry vision, double images, heart palpitation, anxiety, shakiness and extreme hunger.

Main Symptoms of Hypoglycemia

Visual Disturbances

Hypoglycemia often causes visual disturbances like blurry eyesight, double vision, eye pain and strain on the eyes while seeing any object. These symptoms may first seem to be common symptom in different medical conditions but they are very important factors that can help diagnose hypoglycemia.

Visual Disturbances

If you notice that you are facing any of these problems for a considerable period of time, then you might need to consult a doctor, for it may be an early symptom of hypoglycemia.

Heart Palpitations

Heart palpitation is the abnormal beating of the heart. It can occur as just an extra beat or it may run for a longer period of time. This may cause exhaustion and you may experience a feeling of restlessness.

This symptom is noticed in many heart problems too. Though heart palpitation can occur even due to nervousness, running or climbing stairs, it is important that you understand this condition and consult a doctor if you think it is not due to something as normal as running or climbing stairs.



Headache is one of the most common symptoms in hypoglycemia. This may occur in many other medical conditions too but if you notice that headache comes along with other symptoms of hypoglycemia then you may consider this as a potent indication of low blood sugar. It may be mild or severe based on the stage of this medical condition.

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Sweating is also a significant factor in diagnosing hypoglycemia. You often tend to sweat when the blood sugar level falls below the normal level. It may also lead to weakness and fatigue.


Excessive hunger is a trademark hypoglycemia symptom, which is also found in diabetes. If you feel that your appetite has increased abnormally, then it may be worth a visit to the doctor.


Anxiety is yet another symptom of hypoglycemia that can help diagnose this medical condition quickly. It is the feeling of confusion, fear, nervousness or worry. Anxiety may be sometimes justified due to a concern about your near and dear ones but if it goes beyond the normal limits, then it may be a cause of concern and an important symptom of hypoglycemia.


This symptom brings along different problems such as sleep deprivation, unusual irritability and emotional disturbances. In hypoglycemia, you may tend to worry more than required and trouble yourself by thinking different negative situations.

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