Top 6 Myeloma Symptoms

MyelomaMyeloma is a disorder that is related to the blood and normally begins in the bone marrow. A complete cure for myeloma is yet to be found, however, there are treatments that will reduce the rate of progression of the disease.

Myeloma is a condition where the plasma cells multiply unusually in the bone marrow. Plasma cells are those cells that produce antibodies to fight against any infection, however when the plasma cells are produced over and above the required quantity they produce is a protein that is harmful for the health. The protein is called as immunoglobulin and this causes irreparable damage to organs.

Initially the multiple Myeloma affects only the bone later the plasma cells start coming out and deposit anywhere making that organ weak. In this article we are going to have a glimpse into the various myeloma symptoms, most o the symptoms cannot be identified at the early stages so it is advisable to take a routine urine or blood test.

Common Symptoms of Myeloma

Bone Pain

This is the most evident myeloma symptom and this is the first symptom too. One can feel a shooting in pain the bones when they are affected with myeloma.

Back bone Pain

It is usually the rib cage, lower and the mid back that is first affected by this disease. The pain is a very nagging pain which is very continual. The pain aggravates when the person does any movement.

Fracture Of The Bone

The bones of the person who suffer from myeloma fractures and it are usually the spine or the ribs that faces this issue. A minor injury or pressure can instantly result in fracture for a person who has this condition. Sometimes the fracture can lead the spine to collapse.

Also the person can see a compression of the spine when they have myeloma. When the spine compresses it leads to other issues like overall weakness, numbness in the legs and issues while passing urine.



This is another common myeloma symptom. The person with this condition constantly feels exhausted and tired and they find it extremely difficult to even do their day to day tasks. This fatigue can be either due to the condition or it can also be a side effect that arises when they are being treated for the disease.


Anemia is a condition when the level of hemoglobin is lower the needed amount and this arises when there number of red blood corpuscles decreases. The chances of person developing anemia can either be because of myeloma or it can be because of the treatment they take to fight this condition. Anemia can lead to further tiredness and fatigue.

Prone To Infection

Viral Infection

Generally there is a drastic reduction in the overall immunity of the person who is suffering from this condition and this makes the susceptible to any kind of infection. They can be easily affected by other diseases as their ability to fight against the anti bodies that cause the infection is almost zero.


This is a condition where the calcium levels in the blood are abnormally high. The myeloma is a disease that is related to the bones and hence the bones that are affected release calcium over and above than what is needed.

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