Top 6 Natural Cures For Baldness


BaldnessBaldness is a condition that most people try to void in life because it is not only embarrassing but at the same time it is a condition that decreases the rate of impression created by a person on another person. There are many medicines available for people to get rid of baldness but these medicines have many side effects and they can also turn out to be allergic for certain people.

It is only because of the side effects of medicines for baldness that people do not use these medicines and look out for some natural cures for baldness that would guarantee no side effects. The natural cures that are available for baldness are quite healthy for the people and they are also quite safe because of the fact that they are derived from nature. The possible remedies that can be used naturally are as follows:

Natural Cures For Baldness

Herbal Treatment

Herbal treatment is a natural remedy for baldness and it is found that herbs work very well in fighting off the DHT formation which is a compound that leads to hair loss. The herbs help in the process of hair growth by inhibiting the enzyme that leads to DHT formation.

Herbal treatment

They also help in the reduction of DHT levels in blood which automatically helps in boosting the process of baldness reversal and hair growth. The ingredients present in the herbs also help in stimulating the follicles of the hair that help in the growth of new hair.

Proper Foods

Good diet is also important in stimulating the process of hair growth. People suffering from baldness should incorporate more of proteins, vitamins and minerals in their diet because these nutrients help in the growth of hair. A good diet works as a support and as an option that can be used in building the materials that are needed by the hair strands and the hair follicles.

A well maintained diet with sufficient nutrients not only helps in hair growth but at the same time it also allows the hair to stay for a long span of time apart from providing the thickness and the strength that is needed by the hair.

Regular Exercise

Regular Exercise

It is also very important along with good diet because exercise helps the body to absorb the necessary nutrients needed for hair growth. The toxins that are directly related to hair loss are also flushed out from the body with regular exercise.

Scalp Massage

The process of massaging the scalp and even acupuncture can also help in boosting the process of hair growth. Massages are helpful in improvising the flow of blood throughout the scalp while acupuncture relieves the stress of the body.

Stress is something that reduces the growth of hair and therefore stress needs to be managed by the use of massages and acupuncture.

Biotin Rich Fruits

Biotin is a source of vitamin B that is considered to work as a great food for the hair follicles and is therefore considered as one of the most effective natural cures for baldness.


Biotin is very important in preventing hair loss along with a diet that is rich in magnesium, silica and iron. Potato, cucumber and pepper can be taken in excess in order to stimulate the process of hair growth.

Adequate Sleep

This is one of the most important natural cures for baldness which is often overlooked by people. Eight hours of undisturbed sleep is very important for an individual so that the hair can grow in the best way possible.

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