Top 6 Natural Cures For Beriberi


BeriberiBeriberi is considered to be one of the most complicated nutritional deficiencies which is caused due to the deficiency of vitamin B1 in people. It is usually caused due to malnourishment in people and is mainly found in two categories; namely wet beriberi and dry beriberi. The wet beriberi results in the disfunctioning of the cardiovascular system and the dry beriberi leads to the wearing away of the nervous system.

It is not a very common disease that can be left untreated because it might lead to severe damage of the cardiac muscles and the breakdown of the nervous system. Therefore people suffering from beriberi should make it a point to use the natural cures for beriberi that have always been found to work very well in curing the disease from its very roots. The natural cures have been enumerated as under:

Natural Cures For Beriberi

Brown Rice

Husked rice is a more popular name for brown rice and this kind of rice can be taken by a person suffering from beriberi because brown rice contains good amount of thiamine or vitamin B1.

Brown Rice

Dehusked rice or polished rice should not be taken because it does not contain thiamine which is of prime importance in the diet of an individual suffering from beriberi.

Rice Brain

This is one of the age old natural cures for beriberi and is widely known to people all around the world. The water that remain after boiling the rice can be of great help for people suffering from vitamin B1 deficiency that causes beriberi because boiled rice water is a rich source of thiamine. This water can be taken every day on a regular basis in order to get rid of beriberi.

Do Not Drink After Meals

It is one of the most important natural cures for beriberi that has to be kept in mind by the people suffering from beriberi.


Since vitamin B1 is a compound that is very easily soluble in water, it should be ensured that an individual suffering from beriberi should drink plenty of water after meals because this would allow vitamin B1 from draining out of the body in the form of urine.

Avoid Fish

Fish of all types such as shrimps, clams, shellfish and mussels should be cut off from the daily diet because they contain an enzyme named thiaminase that aids in the breaking down of thiamine that is very important for beriberi patients.

The body would be able to retain the vitamin B1 that is needed by the body by shunning the intake of fish from daily diet.



Milk is considered to be very rich in the minerals and the vitamins that are needed by a healthy body and therefore it is always very important for people to take milk so that they can avoid any kind of nutrient deficiency diseases.


There are many nuts, legumes and seeds that contain good amount of thiamine in the outer covering of their skin and therefore they can be taken frequently if it is not possible for a person to take them regularly.

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