Top 6 Pneumonia Symptoms in Adults

PneumoniaWhen there is an extreme level of inflammation caused in your lungs, it would lead to pneumonia. This medical condition is a serious one as it can even lead to death. Parasites, fungi and bacteria that attack people with a defective immune system trigger this fatal condition.

Recognizing the early symptoms would lead you to find this condition easily and avail medical help immediately. If you fail to treat this condition as soon as pneumonia symptoms in adults emerges, it would prove fatal. The symptoms are known to vary from one individual to another depending on the degree of infection in the lungs.

Symptoms Of  Pneumonia In Adults

Cough And Cold

This is one of the most common pneumonia symptoms in adults involved with the medical condition. You will get dry and rough cough owing to the lung infection and it might get congested, too. Some times while coughing you might get yellow or greenish mucus from the lungs which would be the effect of continuous coughing episodes.


From time to time, it might occur with red tinge or have pus with it. But unlike other usual medical conditions, there is no sneezing or congestion in the nasal cavity experienced. Sometimes, you might consider this as a common cold which would make it more serious.

Malaise And Fever

This is a general symptom associated with this condition. Malaise is usually considered as a warning symptom of an infection. This is a discomfort feeling occurring in patients with the onset of this disease.


Fever is found with a slightly high temperature up to 102 degrees and the patient experiences extreme body pain and chills along with it. You might also experience low appetite which would make you to restrict food which in turn would make you feel dehydrated. Sometimes, it might also trigger heart rates too.

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Pain In Your Abdomen

Owing to the extreme pain in the lobes of the lower part of the lungs, many of you might experience severe pain in your abdomen. This might be slight or intense depending on the degree of infection.

Crackling Sounds Of Lungs

When the pneumonia infection gets stronger, the sound of breathing in the lungs become muffled and features a rattling or crackling sound that can be heard when you breathe in and out.

Chest Pain

This is a most common symptom associated with this condition among the rest of pneumonia symptoms in adults. You would feel intense pain in your chest while breathing as it might be caused by the persistent dry coughs occurring repeatedly.

chest pain

Also the infection across the pleural cavity and its lining would also cause the chest pain. The irritation in this cavity would cause extreme pain in your chest area owing to the infection and makes it very difficult to breathe in and out.

Symptoms Of Extreme Conditions

While experiencing any of the extreme pneumonia symptoms in adults it is essential to seek medical help immediately as it might even lead to death. Symptoms such as phlegm with blood, bluish skin tone, fast heart beat, unexplained weight loss, very high body temperature and breathing difficulty should not be taken lightly.

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