Top 7 Premenopausal Symptoms

PremenopausalPremenopausal is a condition where the menopause occurs prior to when it has to actually occur. The confused feeling and a feeling of despair is common when a person is not prepared for the premenopausal condition.

It is mostly people in the European countries who witness premenopause as against the women in the Eastern countries. Usually the menopause commences at the age of forty five for a woman and it takes approximately seven to ten years for the entire process to complete.

However, there are some women who have an early menopause. In this article, we will have a glimpse of the common symptoms that a woman can notice so that she can note of the same and act accordingly.

Common Symptoms Of Premenopausal

Irregular Bleeding

This is the most common and the earliest sign of premenopausal symptoms. But then this symptom is not completely reliable and it is very unpredictable. There are some women who witness only occasional bleeding, some might have excessive bleeding and some might have very irregular periods. This makes it obvious that it is different from person to person and depending on the body type it will send out signals.

Hot Flashes

This is another common premenopausal symptom which many women face. Hot flashes are a condition where suddenly the whole body becomes warm and the person begins to sweat profusely.

Hot Flashes

The hot flashes normally occur during the night and usually the woman sweats so much that she is completely drenched while sleeping. There is no scientific reason as to why these hot flashes happen but then it has been proved over time that most of the women face this.

Mood Swings

This is the most universal premenopausal symptom. Many women feel very depressed and irritated, they are unable to perform their regular tasks comfortably. Many women also develop anxiety during this phase.

Sleep disorders

This is another common problem which women face. Sleep disorders would generally aggravate the mood swings and would only make the condition worse.

Sleep Apnea

Also a sleep disorder leads to other issues. The person finds it very difficult to concentrate and do day to day activities, the person could suffer from memory lapse.

Fluctuation in Weight

This is another common symptom. Usually the woman tends to put on weight especially in the region around the stomach. This is mainly because there is a reduction in the rate of metabolism.


A reduction in the rate of metabolism can result in a very sluggish feeling. This makes the woman feel very tired and exhausted.


Doing their daily chores becomes a big challenge and this affects their life to a great extent. Some women tend to panic when this condition shows up and they feel depressed and irritable.

Changes in the skin

One can see visible changes in their nails and skin during this period. The increase in the levels of collagen speeds up the ageing process making the woman look older. One can see visible ageing signs, like wrinkles on their skin. Also the nails become very brittle and dry and they tend to break very easily.

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