Top 7 Reasons For Backache

In a get together party to which I went few days ago, I was astonished to look at two middle aged persons, who were sitting with belts tied on their back.  When I observed them, they looked completely healthy, with a sad expression on their faces,  because they were not able to move from one place to the other. 

Reasons For Backache

This is a common symptom for many elders and old aged people alike. Why do you get backache, is a small analysis done by me and I found that the following are appropriate answers to my query.

Lifting Heavy Weights Cause Backache:

If you are a person who wants to engage yourself in different activities, most of the  times you may not take care of the load of your work and if  I am not wrong, you might have lifted rice sacks or gas stove cylinders or water filled buckets or  tons of baggage when you travel and many more.  As a result, your spouse even might have done a great job of  applying sprain balms on your back,  for alleviating the pain.

I would like to advise you that, you need to be cautious whenever you do such painful works.  In such situations, it is always better to take somebody’s help to accomplish your tasks.

Lifting Heavy Weights Cause Backache

Back Bone Becoming Weak Also Causes Backache:

This is a very rare reason for you to get backache.  As such, the percentage of people suffering from this type of backache is not high.  Generally, as a person grows by age, naturally the joints will become weak and back bone is no exception.  Women who undergo c- section, also tend to get frequent backache, because of the needle that will be pierced in to the back while doing surgery.

Back Bone Becoming Weak Also Causes Backache

Use Of  Hard Pillows For Sleeping Causes Backache:

The type of pillows that you use for your sound sleep may also cause backache to you.  If you cannot sleep without pillow beneath your head, use soft pillows having less weight.  The more the weight of the pillows, the more are the chances for you to get backache.

Use Of  Hard Pillows For Sleeping Causes Backache

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Loss Of Calcium Causes Backache:

If physical activities are some of the causes for getting backache, deficiency in calcium is the utmost important reason for this symptom.  Hence,  eat calcium enriched foods like milk, curd, yogurts, banana, egg white, spinach and so on.

Loss Of Calcium Causes Backache

Un Fit Attire Also Cause Backache:

Though sounds silly for you, the dresses that you wear should be comfortable for your normal activities.  On the other hand,  if you wear garments which are very tight on your back,  you are sure to get backache.

Un Fit Attire Also Cause Backache

Long Drives Causes Backache:

Going out for long drives in your car might thrill you.  Of course, it is a part of your enjoyment.  If you drive continuously, just like the engine which gets heated, your back bone will also be tired and the result is backache.

Long Drives Causes Backache

Sitting In Uncomfortable Postures Causes Backache:

When you sit in front of your computer or when you do meditation for more number of hours, you are bound to get backache.  Similarly, standing in queues to pay the bills or waiting for the arrival of your bus etc., are also very common reasons for you to get backache.

Sitting In Uncomfortable Postures Causes Backache

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